Next PAIN character....the Ninja!

If you PS3 owners haven't been hiding under a rock, and enjoy sensless comic mischief, you've heard of the PSN game PAIN. The developers have promised a steady stream of downloadable content, w/ the next being a downloadable character in the form of a Ninja...

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Darkiewonder4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

If there isn't a Pirate, then it will follow! ;3 I hope they have some celebrity figures.

NitrogenB4036d ago

it was a tossup between the Ninja and the Pirate. The Ninja won for now...but the developers said they're woking on a Pirate.

zakupilot2564036d ago

the ninja is also a midget, the ninja's name is Hung Lo

RadientFlux4036d ago

bah another useless character update... I would rather developer work on a few new area's for the game and make it worth my investment

xplosneer4036d ago

The new characters on launch day was crap and just cheap IMO. They need at least 2 stages for the same price and then I MIGHT get pain.

DemiseofPandas4036d ago

The article does say they are working on an extra mode that will be free.

solidt124036d ago

I like ninjas, will buy.

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