Five Repulsive PS3 Trophies

Junkie Monkeys: With all the silly controversy surrounding God of War: Ascension lately, we decided to list five trophies that could be considered just as bad as the "Bros before Hos" trophy.

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coolbeans2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Before anyone gets up in arms at the title, and misses the hint in the description: it's satire.

admiralvic2712d ago

Yup, though I'm surprised how Bayonetta got left out.

Fishermenofwar2712d ago

A thousands deaths to TEH HATES!!!

Just kidding :)

PeaSFor2712d ago

trophy in TombRaider called "WidowMaker" for killing 40 MALE enemies.....


showtimefolks2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

Adam sessler another moron in gaming journalist

I like the guy but for what he complained about is just plain stupid. A trophy didn't bring down your enjoyment Adam did it? People use to p,ay games without achievements or trophies so these are extra bells and whistles but people will complain just about anything

I guess he did that to get his site some hits and put his name in the news nothing more nothing less

Treezy5042712d ago

It's messed up because he took the whole thing the wrong way and now Sony Santa Monica has to deal with it. I think they should keep the trophy as is and say screw the negative press.

SilentNegotiator2712d ago

He's busy polishing his white armor.

Ducky2712d ago

It's ok though, since none of the enemies are wearing any rings, so they couldn't have left any widows behind.

x5exotic2711d ago

Madam Sissler should get his own trophy: Credibility Annihilator

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WildArmed2712d ago

It was quite painful to get...

But I bared through the pain.

coolbeans2712d ago

"But I bared through the pain."

Are bad puns worthy of n4g's hall of shame? :P

Don't let me go through the pain of losing a bubble for asking that. :(

gta28002712d ago

That Pain trophy is the funniest one. Look at the icon for the trophy lol.

Elite55092712d ago ShowReplies(2)
SuperSandLegend2712d ago

Hey I'm Adum Sesslurr and Bros Before Hoes trophy is offensive. Pain's trophy tho, it's fine with me. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.