Idol Minds PS3 Exclusive Still Alive, Will Be An Action Title

With over half of Idol Minds’ development team supposedly fired last year, it has been a tough time for the PAIN developer, who were thought to be developing a PS3 exclusive game, and a multiplatform title. But funding seems to have returned to the developer as they are once again hiring for the PS3 exclusive, with the job listings hinting at what the game might include.

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BigWoopMagazine3767d ago

Indubitably, they're generally a great thing.

Sev3768d ago

PS3 is an exclusive farm.

BigPete79783768d ago

I agree, the amount of exclusives on the system is amazing.

ftwrthtx3768d ago

The exclusives help set the PS3 apart from all other consoles.

Masterchef20073767d ago

Which is why people like me buy the PS3. Because most of the games that i like can only be played on Sonys console. Oh and i play multiplats as well and enjoy them very much.

NJShadow3768d ago

Nice! I know exclusive doesn't necessarily mean good, but boy, I'm still looking forward to this.

doctorstrange3768d ago

PAIN was fun but very shallow, hopefully this has depth

ShabbaRanks3767d ago

Its still fun... Every 6 months I play it with friends and its crazy, but I does need more depth...

Masterchef20073767d ago

Nice the more exclusives the better well at least not for my wallet.