DLC: Is It Really Worth It?

Albatross Revue writes:-

There was a time when if you bought a game and played it to completion, if you wanted more game you could do only one thing; wait, and hope a sequel or possibly an expansion pack was released. Everything was fine with this until the internet came along and offered up new opportunities for developers to offer additional game content via downloadable content (DLC.) Oh, and make money. Lots of money. About $875 million a year a year in fact. A figure that is growing annually.

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DrPepper4248d ago

Depends you got DLC like "Undead Nightmare" for "Red Dead Redemption" which adds hours of new content to your game. But then you got crap like costume packs for "Street Fighter X Tekken" which is merely cosmetic and adds nothing to the game at all. Also i know people are gonna bring up that characters for Street Fighter are worth it. LISTEN gamer zombies having disc locked content is "NOT" i repeat "NOT" DLC. that is content you bought with your game disc that is locked and greedy companies are making you pay a premium to use them, so instead of paying 60$ for a game you're paying 80$. I don't understand why these dumb-asses continually support a company that is (well to be blunt) raping you up the ass.

SavageKuma4248d ago

Or the crap of different gun colors in Gears of War 3, I just say add things like that with the map packs that cost money or expansions because by itself they seem blah!

DrPepper4248d ago

exactly and those skins for the guns were on-disc on top of that just another example of these companies being greedy. but it wont end as long as these gamer zombies keep buying the shit.

decrypt4247d ago

I think console gamers should demand for mods on games, just like their PC brethern.

Once mods are in place, people can create their own maps etc. If the developers are good enough and can create something that people really like, then that may be sold as DLC.

However for this to happen console gamers would need to take a stand.

mochachino4248d ago (Edited 4248d ago )

Yes, if it ADDS to the game like GTA Liberty City Stories.

No, if it COMPLETES the game like Street Fighter costumes/character, AC memories, any map pack within the first 4 months of release, weapons, skins, characters, etc.

Note: it also depends on when it's released.

Regent_of_the_Mask4247d ago

Liberty City Stories isn't worth money at all. I got it through game sharing and it was just as shitty as GTA4 was. It COULD'VE been on the disc for the beginning but obviously that had to gimp the game and had no problems doing it because they milked people with DLC that would've already have been in the game to begin with.

MrBeatdown4247d ago

You have got to be kidding me.

Episodes from Liberty City could have been on the disc from the beginning? Funny stuff. It took Rockstar a year to develop Lost and Damned and another seven months or so for Gay Tony.

I guess if you wanted to wait an extra two years, yeah it probably could have been on disc.

theeg4247d ago

expansion packs are infinately better

dlc is almost always crap

Dumb Lasminute Cashin

SKUD4247d ago

DLC that isn't free is overpriced. FACT.

DeadSpaced4247d ago

Well, the picture looks nice.

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