The Amazing Spider-Man PlayStation Move Support Confirmed

Published yesterday on, a box art for the upcoming Spider-Man game had an unexpected feature on it: a "PlayStation Move Compatible" disclaimer. It turns out that art is actually the final one, and yes, the game will support the Move. Developers confirm.

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LOGICWINS3060d ago

This just jumped to must have status on my list.

Godchild10203060d ago

I would have rather see this on the Vita as well, then see the PS3 version get move support.

I will pick it up to see how It plays with the move.

Soldierone3060d ago

If it goes Vita I'll buy both :P

Thatguy-3103060d ago

It will be still a mediocre game. -_- what's up with just attaching move support to titles. I want games that are built from the ground up. This is the reason the playstation move failed!

archemides5183060d ago (Edited 3060d ago )

wasn't interested in this game before, but now i'll give it a chance...

now do 3d too!!!!!! lol

also iwaggle3d is the best site and videos

KwietStorm3060d ago

Multiple black eyes across the country confirmed.

Virtual_Reality3060d ago

Interesting, gotta see the video when it comes out.

iWaggle3D is the best source for this kind of things for PS Move and 3D. Very informative.

I assume DUST 514 should be in your wishlist iWaggle.