Dean Takahashi apologizes for bad Mass Effect review

Dean Takahashi of The San Jose Mercury News, January 1st, 2008:

"When so many readers wrote in to tell me that I messed up my review of Mass Effect, I had to take a second look. It turns out, you were right. I was wrong. I owe an apology to you for writing a bad review. I also apologize to BioWare, which made a better game than I thought, and gulp, to Microsoft. The game play is not as flawed as I thought."

When Dean wrote his last Mass Effect review, he did not know that he could level up his characters in the game. For this new review, he replayed Mass Effect and followed readers' suggestions that he uses talent points (i.e., skill points) to upgrade his characters and companion AI. Now he has some new opinions about the game.

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Winter47th4034d ago

And another hit to videogames journalism credibility.

ktchong4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

He's not even a RPGamer... he didn't even know that he could level up his characters and distribute skill points in Mass Effect. He didn't level up, and then he complained about the game being too goddamned hard and poorly balanced. LOL.

mintaro4034d ago

wow, didnt even know he could lvl up his characters?
but if he's a reporter why is he reviewing, than harshly critisizing mass effect?

gamesR4fun4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Mass Defect is one of the most flawed console games Ive ever seen If Id paid for it I'd want my money back.

But that guy shouldn't be reviewing games ever either...
Cause if anything ME does well its in the story and some of the rpg elements. Just them damn frame drops insane load times and driving that Mako (wich was fun for like 2 mins) make this game not worth buying for me.

BrianC62344033d ago

Wow, I always knew Dean Takahasi was a Microsoft fanboy but this is just bad. He wrote a review and gave his opinion and Xbots forced him to apologize. This is why I no longer trust any reviews. This just proves they aren't worth a thing.

BrianC62344033d ago

TheRoundPeg - I agree Dean Takahasi is a writer and not a reviewer. But then, that's true of just about every game reviewer on the Web now. It seems like every site has some numbnut review games. Dean Takahasi though is a Microsoft fan. He even wrote books on the Xbox. He seems more like a game reviewer when it comes to the 360 than most reviewers. I guess from now on he'll just need to email his review to Microsoft to get it approved.

smturner684033d ago

Dean wrote books about the xboxes. He wrote..."Opening the Xbox: Inside Microsoft's Plan to Unleash an Entertainment Revolution"
And..."The Xbox 360 Uncloaked:: The Real Story Behind Microsoft's Next-Generation Video Game Console"
I did a search on him on msn and the first wikipedia summary was this...
"Dean Takahashi is a journalist working for the San Jose Mercury News as a technology commentator and consumer electronics reviewer. He also writes a gaming blog for the newspaper."
Either way, I found it funny people on here that haven't heard of him.

i Shank u4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

what a f***ing NOOB! i was one of those commenting on his site, not to flame him but to defend the game and give suggestions about it. glad to see he listened and reconsidered, it takes balls to admit you are wrong, especially to thousands of people. but as far as credibility in recommending games, I'll ask my sweaty foot what to play before i ask this monkey.

if this "journalist" would have taken a few minutes to flip through the instruction book, there would of been no issue for him.

@BrianC - youre an idiot. he claimed there were problems with the game that didnt exist, and existed only to him because hes an idiot that paid more attention to whining about the game then trying to learn it. xbots or MS or whatever crap you can come up with didnt have anything to do with it; it due to his n00b status being off the charts

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toughNAME4034d ago

Isn't Bill Gates leaving in 2008?

Looks like Microsoft made his replacement in the payroll already

power of Green 4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Holy sh*t this guy tried to give a valid opinion about this title and didn't even know you can upgrade the charactors with experiance points. WoW The difference makes the games seem like two different games from start vs finish.

Later on in the game I don't even use guns I use the ((((FORCE)))).

This isn't some air tight standard action adventure game or shooter its a huge RPG that happens to be a hybrid RPG a bran-spanking new type of game plus tech behind it(interactive movie game lol)

#1.1 leave that fanboy alone.

Bladestar4034d ago

There... a bunch of fools reviewing games that they don't even understand... and Sony fanboys agreed with him... now is asking for mercy... too late... now we know your reviews suck and is the last place people should go to.

FirstknighT4034d ago

Keep the reviews stictly from gamers and not some non gamer from a random newspaper.

hades074033d ago

Totally agree. I thought people were suppose to know their subject matter when they reviewed products. Thats like me reviewing an airplane and stating I don't like it because I cant land the thing.

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