Gamesradar: Silent Hill Downpour review

Gamesradar Writes: "In spite of its flaws, Silent Hill: Downpour does manage to be smart and imaginative in bursts, although again, most of those bursts are reserved for later in the story. Even so, exploring Silent Hill to find creepy new places to break into can be surprisingly addictive, and it's worth noting that Downpour is surprisingly long by the standards of modern games; our play-through took about 14 hours, and we only completed a few of the side-quests. The actual gameplay leaves a lot to be desired, but as recent Silent Hills go, this is one of the better ones."

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ritsuka6662501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Average game people, series going downhill after Yamaoka left this series, its sad true guys..

Ahasverus2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

You are comenting the same shit in every article.
Have you played the game? i have, and it's the best SH since 3. That's why it's me who's uploading these articles, people need to be far from cynics like you (and IGN).

You know, SH, as the sum of its parts is hardly more than an 8, it has always been that way, but SH is different, but you should be a fan or interested in its weirdness to comprehend it. What a shame you only have like 2 neurones.

CGI-Quality2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

So it's been average since Downpour? Yamoaka only left the series after Shattered Memories - he's done the music for all of them except Downpour. Should at least keep up on the facts if you're going to judge the series, no?

OT: I agree with Ahasverus - Silent Hill, as a series (sum of its parts) I wouldn't give much higher than an 8-8.5 (and this is coming from someone who's favorite franchise of all time is Silent Hill), but it's always been unique enough to make all the difference. Silent Hill 2 is still seen as not only the best in the series, but the best game in the genre by miles and miles to many.

I get Downpour tomorrow (for both PS3 & 360) and I expect to enjoy it thoroughly (though I admit - Homecoming was the series' low point for me - but different dev here).