10 Classic Video Game Franchises That Crumbled in the 2010s

Many video game franchises came and went during the 2010s, meeting ends ranging from sudden and surprising to drawn out and painful. Of them, these are 10 classic video game franchises that crumbled in the 2010s.

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ilikestuff451d ago

Metal gear was probably the worst way to end a franchise that was at one time the best out there, sad how that went down. Call of duty was good and it’s crapping out hard if u ask me. Uncharted ended right

451d ago
jambola451d ago

I wouldn't say resistance crumbled
it came to a natural end

SlagWolf451d ago

Losing Dead Space and Silent Hill really sucks. Good horror games are hard to come by

Fist4achin451d ago

RIP Dead Space! Puns intended

specialguest451d ago

I liked Killzone 2 and 3. KZ2 amazed me with the graphics. KZ3 refined the gameplay mechanics, although a small minority of fans thought the movement wasn't heavy enough like KZ2. I thought it was perfect

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