PS3 Prices Have Officially Exploded (and they’re not done)

The Ghetto Gamer has been predicting and tracking PS3 prices over the past year. The last few months have seen a massive spike in the pricing of PS3 games, and it may be too late to pick up some of the more rare and hard-to-find ones at a reasonable price. Some of these are nuts.

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DarthMarvin30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

3D Dot Game Heroes desperately needs both a remaster and a sequel. It's a fantastic game.

purple10130d ago

iil take a modnation racers remake, with a framerate that is actually above 30, , please.

bouzebbal30d ago

I have a good library of ps3 games..
I have 3d dot game, silent Hill homecoming, collection and puppeteer. Some move games are also rare like the fight.

TallDarknWavy30d ago

This is also partially why digital sucks, games are basically worth zero after you buy them because you can't resell them, and if someone falsely reports you online for whatever nonsense you can have your whole account taken away and all your games attached to it.

That being said, I'd rather have these teams do sequels to these games with new hardware in mind. The hardware drastically limits the scope of your vision as a developer, believe it or not, and the structure of the game is largely bottlenecked by the hardware and the game engine. Updated hardware and game engines allow for a more expansive vision, creativity isn't limited as much, and more features can be explored.

darthv7230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I agree, very well made. Surprised a sequel wasnt made for PS4. I have been adding ones I been after for a while. Nothing super $$ just ones I wanted to play. I especially like all the compilations that were released for the PS3.

neutralgamer199230d ago

I have over the past few years invested a lot in ps3 games so I own over 200. Now some of them are too expensive

Servbot4130d ago

Not cinematic enough for Sony to fund.

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isarai30d ago

Again, seen this coming from the start, glad I already bought everything I wanted over the years 👌

XiNatsuDragnel30d ago

Well This is nut is this PS true masterplan.

isarai30d ago

This happens to every retro console, there's a tipping point, this is ps3's tipping point

waverider30d ago

Stil remember selling ps3 titles to buy a PS4. but i keept the ones i liked more. Did the same with the titles of the PS4 to get a PS5.

Terry_B30d ago

Nice..maybe it pays off that I still have around 80 PS3 games in physical form..

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The story is too old to be commented.