How To Unlock All Street Fighter X Tekken Characters [VGB]

VGB: This guide shows how to unlock all secret Street Fighter X Tekken characters. These tips will help you get the full roster, namely Mega Man and Pac-Man.

How do you feel about unlockable characters only being available through DLC?

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rdgneoz33518d ago

"How To Unlock All Street Fighter X Tekken Characters"
Bend over?

Kyosuke_Sanada3518d ago

HAHAHAHAH! Thanks RDG. You made me drop my Shonen Jump laughing! Bubbles XD.

josephayal3518d ago

you have to pay extra to unlock!! stop stealing money!!

GraveLord3518d ago

Such a helpful article! Not misleading at all!

pandatomsk3518d ago

Seriously, there's no information here at all, just "Buy/DL them when they come out." great

JoeSchmoh3518d ago

Elena, Christie Montero and Lei Wu Long look and play raw as fuck from what I saw!

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