Capcom’s Ono responds to Mega Man complaints in Street Fighter X Tekken

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono responds to complaints regarding Mega Man’s controversial character design and concerns over guest characters taking too much space in Street Fighter X Tekken

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jc485732457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I wonder if this is what he wanted to reveal for this month cause I was expecting something more original.

dericb112457d ago

Think about it like this. Bad Box Art Megaman has not been on a game cover for 25 years. He just got fat from sitting around doing nothing. In itself that really is original.

Forbidden_Darkness2457d ago

Naw, after his newest game was cancelled, he got depressed and started eating heavily.

RedDead2456d ago

Megaman was always a chubby little ****

VileAndVicious2456d ago

just wow

lol and people complained about the new dante look. I dont know what the hell is going on at capcom

badz1492456d ago

I thought Cole looks bad enough!

but after Dante, it's not really a surprise that Capcom would mess up the look of their other characters!

MaxXAttaxX2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

This is Street Fighter X Tekken. Therefore any other characters outside of the Street Fighter and Tekken universes are strictly bonuses.

They don't have to be serious additions unless the game is called "Capcom X Namco". So people just need to calm down.

Original Mega Man art:
For those who are completely oblivious.

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princejb1342457d ago

they really messed up megaman in this one
megaman is one of my favorite capcom characters of all time but in the second pic hes holding a gun up-_-

--Onilink--2456d ago

mmm i guess you havent been a megaman fan for too long, because you would be well aware of the infamous box arts in the earlier games. This character is kind of a joke about the box art of those games

CarlitoBrigante2457d ago

Is there something Crapcom is doing right this gen?

firefoxprime2457d ago

3DS support done right. Basically it imho

Jake_the_Dog2456d ago


Like only having only one save file on Resident Evil Mercenaries that you can't erase.

Boody-Bandit2456d ago

Yup, SFIV.
Im not a fan of all the DLC from Capcom (my nickname for them is Cashcom because of it) but fighting games have made a comeback with SFIV. I thought fighting games were a dying breed until that game was released and now look at how many fighting games are being made again.

So whether you like, love or hate Capcom, I do like them this generation just for fighting games alone.

Baka-akaB2456d ago

yea say whatever you want , they made fighting games relevant again in the mainstream

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Tanir2457d ago

are People actually complaining about Megaman??????????????????????? WTF!

this is a joke characteer why the hell do people care?

if you want a normal megaman play Tatsunoku vs Capcom and shut the hell up.

this megaman fits the ugly art style of the game so i dont see the problem

Captain Qwark 92456d ago

i personally think he looks bad ass, too many fans become close minded when it comes to altering anything about the previous games in a series. i for one am open to new ideas and i think this is a solid one.worst case scenario, it doesnt work out so then just go back to the old, simple as that.

zerocrossing2456d ago

Capcoms trolling their own game! xD

Damn yeah, but you gotta feel a little sorry for the hard core Mega man fans, they are getting royally screwed lately :/

cyberwaffles2456d ago

i find this as having a good sense of humor paying tribute to the earlier renditions of Mega-man. not only that, the title is STREET FIGHTER vs Tekken, not Capcom. i'm also sure they used the original version because of the height differences. the regular short Mega man works in games like Marvel vs Capcom, but i doubt it would work against tekken players.

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jc485732457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Sigh....sorry for the double post, but N4G has been acting a bit funny lately.

TeaDouble_E2457d ago

I don't believe Ono, I want a response from the original creator

-Mika-2457d ago

I love ono. He such a cool guy. Fans just complain too much and are just ungrateful.

Megaman_nerd2457d ago

who wouldn't complain about multiple version of the same game in less than a year, cancellation of games, reboots of loved franchises, etc.? And now this... SxT game includes the original Pac-man and even Sony's cat (Toro) but they had to come and ruin Megaman even though fans have been asking for him since the first MvC3?

And if I remember correctly Megaman won all the polls in every region yet Capcom had the face to lie to us saying "not enough fan-support". BS!

TenSteps2457d ago

On the bright side most people should now be aware of that tactic and wait out for the ultimate version and if said ultimate version does not come hey it's now bargain bin.

--Onilink--2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

also they are not really ruin megaman, any real megaman fan should now that this is just a joke about the earlier game's box art. Im not gonna say i would have asked for this character or its my favorite, but im also not gonna whine saying they ruined megaman when its clearly a joke

CarlitoBrigante2457d ago

You're probably one of those people who pretend to be FF fans and think FF13 was a good game too right?

Enigma_20992456d ago

Yeah. They get shafted on games like Mega man Legends 3, then they get this as compensation... bunch of ingrates.

Capcom needs to do something for them to be thankful for, not expect them to blindly kiss their a** no matter what they do. And what fans demanded THIS Mega Man?


I bet you're exactly right.

acemonkey2457d ago

this mega man looks crazy lol