The problem with Skyrim is progress

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is an ambitious and deeply flawed title. Unfortunately, the game fails on several levels at maintaining forward momentum.

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NagaSotuva2461d ago

People seem to love Skyrim (my friends, at least), but I just don't have 100+ hours to invest in just one title anymore. Unless that game is Mass Effect 3....

Ramses32461d ago

So far I'm about 35 hours in, and I don't even feel close to finishing.
Cant wait till after exams to put another 35 hours in! :D

EVILDEAD3602461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Once again I literally started Skyrim on a Sunday in the morning with some coffee and didn't finish playing until I pryed my hands off the the 360 with enough time to get about 6 hours of sleep.

I'm laughing at the all the 'bug'stories and all the 'why Skyrim suck' articles.

Clearly must be playing a different game or it must really play horribly on the other platforms.

Progression and the amazing freedom is why this game is one of the reasons this game is so phenominal.

Like Mass Effect 1 and 2,Fable 2, Fallout 3, Borderlands...Skyrim is one of those games you lose hours and hours playing and the whole time your saying to yourself I can't wait to play again with another character and see more of the possibilities.

Let em' hate..Simply an Epic RPG gem..GOTY by a loooong shot.


RedDead2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

It's unfortunate. Comments like these ^ will keep the franchise going in the direction it is. One of my favorite franchises down the drain, I can't believe people accept Skyrim simply because it's open world. The elder scrolls is a shadow of it's former self. It's a game with alot of crappy content and it's combat is a boring chore. Most importantly, it's NOT an Rpg gem, it's an action adventure through and through. It's barely an RPG at all now.

PetitPiPi2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Skyrim is truly an amazing game. The game is absolutely huge. RedDead must be playing something completely different.

Why does it seem the only people complaining about Skyrim are PS fanboys?

ElliePage. Lazy? Really?! Smh.

Tr10wn2460d ago

"One of my favorite franchises down the drain" you claim to be a fan of TES yet you complain about the combat system which was the same since the first and you dare to say Skyrim is not RPG... thats how fan of the serie you are, i been playing TES since Arena i can hardly tell something bad about TES because there isn't, stop pretending to be a fan of something you really don't like, just move on and don't bring your pathetic excuses and go play another game

Drake1172460d ago

I honestly can't see how ppl can say that Skyrim is a shadow of previous ES games. Why because they removed worhless stats like acrobatics or athletics. Or they removed annoying things like having to repair half way through a dungeon or a hit and miss stat. And really lol your complaining about the combat after just saying that your an ES fan, dude skyrim only improved on previous es games style of combat. Everything that makes ES great is still in this game, they are just making good design choices and weaving out the ridiculous shit.

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hellvaguy2460d ago (Edited 2460d ago )


So you rather spend $60/game on 4 games that only last 15-20 hours each? Hmmm ya, no.

ElliePage2461d ago

There is many more problems with Skyrim than just progress. The game is a mess and from developers who can't code worth a shit and are too lazy to fix their mistakes.

admiralthrawn872461d ago

shh. don't say that to all the people that had skyrim as their first "rpg."

this game for me was one of the most disappointing sequels of this generation. i love morrowind and oblivion. this just failed on so many levels.

look to demon's/dark souls, witcher 1 and 2, and kingdoms of amalur for superior RPG experiences.

OhMyGandhi2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Mess or not, the game is massive. the task of fixing whats wrong in the code must be the equivalent of putting all stephen king books into an anthology, and sifting through, page by page to find problem area.
I would say the least.

AllroundGamer2461d ago

Dice says hello :D just look at the mess with BF3... the devs nowadays are really lazy and have no shame to release so buggy games...

hiredhelp2461d ago

didnt you know we are "guinea pigs"
lab rats testers we pay for that right too crazy world.

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OhMyGandhi2461d ago

I also haven't had a ton of time to devote to Skyrim (only about 30 hours into it), but all I can say is wow.
Depth of games is something that's hard to define, let alone develop in a video game.

Depth can be character development, or a strong sense of origin. It can be the illusion of choice in a linear game, or the overwhelming aspect of it in a sandbox game.

What Skyrim does well is give the player an actual "world" to live in. It does not cater to fans of games where linearity guides the player from the start of his journey to an ending with a cutscene and then credits.

I really enjoyed this article, because it begs to question how progress can be translated into a title as vast as Skyrim. How best can a developer convey "reward" and "success" while not ending the game entirely? side quests. But what games need to make sure to include is a mission path to the ending point, something done so extremely well in "Mass Effect 2".

What I enjoy about Skyrim is the shear abundance of things to do. But will holding my breath through it and waiting for an end lesson my enjoyment of it? no. You get what you put in, and if completing activities for that person and traveling to speak to this person isn't your way to have fun or feel rewarded. You are playing the wrong game.

I think it's incredibly important that Skyrim exists and games like it. I also think that linear titles that give you a wham bam introduction, then conflict and resolution in a nice tidy package are also important. Both cater to different players, who value different playstyles.

violents2461d ago

I agree, its not the type of game everyone would want to play. Honestly the only gripe i have outside of some glitchy framerate here and there is going to go along with one thing the author said in which the game is broken in certain aspects like where he said the after the driking contest he was put in a town where in his game his character was not welcome. I have done this quest as well and finished it, however i did'nt have the problem in Markath that he had because i havn't done any of the markath quests yet. There should be some sort of a quest managment system that tells you when certain questlines will ruin others or if you make a certain decision in one quest it would automatically remove the possibility of other questlines. Like if you were to join the theives guild or the dark brotherhood your choices have obviously aligned you as somewhat of an evil-doer you should no longer be able to join the companions as they have what would be considered a more noble agenda. And so on and so forth.

Drake1172460d ago

Well said. I have been a long time ES fan since daggerfall and i am very surprised that Skyrim has seen the success it has. Since my days with daggerfall i would always bring ES games up in my favorite game conversations only to have ppl say lol wtf is a morrowind or daggerfall. ES games are my favorite games of all time but they def cater to a certain type of gamer. Most of the hate this game is receiving is by ppl that honestly shouldn't be playing this game because its just not their type.

MidnytRain2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Skyrim's devs aren't lazy. A game like TES probably wouldn't even be possible by lazy devs. If these things were easy all problems would have been fixed by now. Game development is probably more than most of us do on a day-to-day basis.

Edit: @admiralthrawn87
Something's up here. Either you're calling me wrong, or you're wrong.

admiralthrawn872461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

identical caves. boring quests that merely involve walking somewhere, talking to someone, and walking back. blurry textures that are repeated everywhere. extremely lame combat, tons of glitches, old engine, 2 hour main quest where 1 hour of it was spent talking. yes they are lazy.

h311rais3r2461d ago

U just described every single open world rpg. Why just blame skyrim? Besides if u did missions in rl u go do it and come back so u can't use that as a complaint.

vortis2461d ago

It depends on the game.

A lot of times sequels use recycled code, especially fetch quests and kill quests. It's simply a matter of changing targets on the map and in the script, but essentially it's a copy/paste job.

The real trouble comes in with streamlined point-to-point quests where there are different effects to be had based on prior decisions.

All while playing Mass Effect 2 I just kept thinking about how taxing it would have been managing all the dialogue possibilities in that game because they weren't all simple fetch/kill quests.

In other words, the complexity of the setup determines whether or not the development of the game was handled lazily or not. However, if there's a lot of repetition in what you do in the game (the same dungeons or reoccuring quests) then it's safe to say that it was a lazy design.

Jazz41082461d ago

The problem is the devs should not have released it on the ps3 as it obviously has major problems with Ram heavy games.

banjadude2461d ago

Ha, I have this problem with most RPGs. I have this nagging need to finish all sidequests and/or explore every aspect of the world/game before I even touch the main quest. The problem is, by the time that is done, I am so exhausted and I lose interest in the game. I know... it's pretty bad.

I've stopped playing Skyrim for awhile now, but I'll get back to it some day...

camel_toad2461d ago

Thats what happened to me. I concentrated on side quests so much and began seeing the same drugar over n over and tired cave areas that I just hit a point where I was worn out on it all, especially the shallow combat and so I just plowed through the main quest and was done for good with it. Sorry for the run on sentence ;)

banjadude2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

I should do that (just forsake everything and try to get the main quest done), but it's so easy to get distracted in that game (oh, I forgot to mention, this happened to me in Oblivion... which I still haven't finished!)

nirwanda2460d ago

Are you playing the same game as me, the so called shallow combat took me about 30 hours to finally deside how play the game, if you want to make the combat shallow you and just grab a big sword and armour, but if you want it to be more interesting try some of the other perks.

360 man2460d ago

@ camel_toad.

that is exactly what i did lool

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