GTA V File Size: Three DVDs Not Enough For Xbox 360? (Analysis)

Pinoytutorial: After that leak confirming GTA V's map size will be "two and a half times bigger" than Red Dead Redemption, some players are asking if this ginormous map will fit under three DVDs for Xbox 360. Upon digging with past data from Rockstar’s previous games, we found a sound answer for this.

So do you think GTA V will need more than three DVDs for it to work? Show your comments below.

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THC CELL2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

who said it was confirmed for xbox yet ? think about it

rockstar trailer has not said any platform yet and agent has sort of been hinted mp maybe sony cut a deal to get a gta before all

Hydrolex2539d ago

I don't give a damn about Xbox and how many discs it is going to take

but I PROMISE YOU it will be at least 2 DISCS, or maybe a huge installation

in 2012, it's ridiculous to swap discs, I don't know how Microsoft didn't think ahead

MasterCornholio2539d ago


GTAV on 2 disks would be suicide due to its open world nature and a mandatory install would be impossible due to Tue arcades. Which is why the game will be highly compressed and will fit on one 360 disk.


Blogz4Fanboyz2539d ago

the usual stupid comments except from panda +bub.

microsoft and R* will not care. this will come with installation discs! and if you dont have a hdd, then you will be swapping simple!

Angrymorgan2539d ago

Wouldn't be a big deal if it was 10 disks!
If it is multiple disks it would simply be like bf3 texture pack install, probably install part of the map. Textures etc etc and run from one main disk, so I wouldn't worry too much about it..........unless you got a 4gb hdd lol

lastdual2539d ago

According to rockstar, It was the facial animation data that drove up the file size for LA Noire, not the world itself. If GTAV uses traditional capture tech, there's no reason to expect the game will take up as much space.

ProjectVulcan2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

GTA4 virtually maximised xbox 360's disc capacity when it came out in 2008. 6.8Gb was used. Part of the reason is GTA always has a lot of audio, voices, music, hours and hours of radio. Also the amount of individual different textures and models from characters to vehicles. There is still very much a tight limit on compressing audio down before the quality suffers. Skyrim is a different comparison.

I fully expect GTA5 to be on multiple discs in light of the size of GTA4 compared to the alleged size of this. Assuming they can fit the city on each disc they would probably separate the missions that would need disc swapping as you go along.

Back in 2008 Rockstar were commenting on how they struggled to fit GTA4 on one disc. So even with an extra 1gb it surely would not be enough.

irepbtown2539d ago

It hasn't said any platform no,
but every GTA has been on Sony/Microsoft/PC(some, or atleast the later ones, SA, GTA IV etc).

So I think it's pretty obvious it will be on all three.

2539d ago
mike_d_2539d ago

Oh gosh it's soooo hard to swap a disc.Get over it people.Are we really that lazy to where we can't even swap a disc now?

2539d ago
buddymagoo2539d ago

I think it is a shame R* are limited by the DVD. Imagine if San Andreas was limited by the CD. They need to utilise the Blu ray to get the best possible results.

Tuxedo_Mask2539d ago


San Andreas was on a DVD too. The PS2 and Xbox used DVDs.

JaredH2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

So the sales of LA Noire obviously show that the market on 360 gets cut in half because of arcade owners just because it's 3 discs? You guys are ridiculous...

I don't understand why changing discs is the biggest problem in the world since it takes me out of the game as much as the ps3 save game system does in atmospheric games like Dead Space and to be honest that's barely anything at all.

Wenis2539d ago

Well, the trailer is up on the 360 dashboard. I don't think MS would be promoting a Sony/PC exclusive game on their console.

Also I am sure the game will be on more than 1 disc and most likely have an install (like BF3). Thankfully I just bought a 120GB hard drive for my slim for only $35. Saved about $80 by not buying the 'official' Microsoft hard drive

CommonSense2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

1) It's PS3 exclusive.
-Compromise audience
-Compromise sales
-It's being advertised on Xbox Live
Verdict: Highly Unlikely
2) They will load different sections of the map on 3 different discs.
-Limits quest lines
-Too much disc swapping
Verdict: Unlikely
3) They will load the entire map on each of the 3 discs and divide the game timeline (quests, cut-scenes, etc..) over 3 discs.
-Might need more than 3 discs
-The map, alone, might be too big for a single disc
Verdict: Possible
4) Microsoft and Rockstar will just take the hit in sales and require installation.
-Might alienate some of their audience
Verdict: Likely

MS will likely go for option 4 and throw together a bundle system and market the hell out of it.

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rabidpancakeburglar2539d ago

Don't be stupid.

It's not a surprise this if what is being said about the size and content of the game is true. They could always do what Bethesda have done with Skrim, compress it till it just can't be compressed further.

SuperSaiyan42539d ago

Why do that when they have around 7.8gb free on the 360 dvd? I think they have just compressed it down to that because like in Oblivion that was pretty small in size its just the way Bethesda are able to use 'tricks' with the visuals.

For example from a distance the environments in Oblivion looked breath taking for its time however when you went up close it was low rez textures and flat surfaces. Bethesda are very good at using an engine that tricks the eyes into seeing amazing when really up close its not its an illusion effect.

lykaice2539d ago

If you'll check Rockstar's history of releasing triple-A titles, it loves Xbox 360 and PS3 dearly, making it highly inappropriate for them not to reveal the game on consoles especially for a mega game like GTA V.

steve30x2539d ago

Your forgetting GTA 1 , GTA II and GTA London was'nt on consoles.

Dark_Overlord2539d ago



I must not of owned them all on the PS1 then :/

Persistantthug2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I owned the 2D (top down) GTAs on both my PS1 AND my Dreamcast. you go:

consolez_FTW2539d ago

"who said it was confirmed for xbox yet?"

yeah, we all know it's gonna be a wii exclusive!

Seriously, why wouldn't it be on xbox. It's the GTA series. Of course it's gonna be for PC,Xbox, and Playstation like the last installment.R* is smart ya know.

vsr2539d ago

I think It'll arrive on PS3 first , then Wii U & xbox720& PC simultaneously with enhanced graphics... It'll be a wise move

Cutting the games content for xbox360 DVD is a bad idea and a frustration for gamers

KingofGambling2539d ago

@vsr that's a possibility there of PS3 getting it first.

HALODST2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

lmfao!!, gta4 sold more on the 360 so I doubt rockstar would be stupid enough to ignore the 360 market

modesign2539d ago

it only sold 1 million more on the 360, rockstar doesnt care which console they sell more for retard, they care how much revenue as a whole can this title bring us.

OcularVision2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Rockstar doesn't care about how many people own a certain console, simply because they MAKE people buy consoles. Playstation 2 would be a fine example of their influence.

bozebo2539d ago

"Rockstar doesn't care about how many people own a certain console, simply because they MAKE people buy consoles. Playstation 2 would be a fine example of their influence."

Yep, GTA and FF were the main reasons I had a PS2. Then I also bought San Andreas on my Xbox because it had er, character shadows :/

If GTA4 was PS3 exclusive, I would not own a 360 right now. Pitty that the new FF games suck and aren't Sony exclusive anyway.

Snakefist302538d ago

The reason GTA sold more on 360 cause during that time ps3 cost 600 dollars and many people doesnt hav a ps3 thats why GTA sold more 360!!!

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Series_IIa2539d ago

All of that THC has damaged your head son.

Dee_912539d ago

woah woah woah
you can insult him all you want
but dont bring thc into this

Motorola2539d ago

People who read this probably dont even know what THC is

RankFTW2539d ago

I sooooooo know what THC is right now.

r1sh122539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

@thc cell.
Ofcourse its going to be on the 360, why would they limit the amount of money they could make?
I even think that this time the DLC will not be exclusive and will come out a little faster.
I think it was an interview with Dan houser who said the DLC was released too slow and the game had lost its appeal/steam hence the sales it got.
I dont think they would make a single platform DLC or game because they realised the potential of the money they could make.
These things are driven by the possible profits.

Edit: GOing back to the article, the game is expected some time 2012, and 2 discs could be enough but who knows. GTA has lots of data so maybe 2 discs for single player and 1 for multiplayer.
Either way Im sure by then most xbox 360 players will have hard drives


they have put up the trailer on xbox live...

if that is not confirmation for you, you need to go see help, you been sniffing up the cells ass for too long.

SnakeCQC2539d ago

sony are too cheap to go for such a deal they just like charging 20% higher for digital releases of games than their physical media counter part (sorry for rant was pissed off to notice that infamous 2 and battlefield 3 are 50 pounds each rather than 40 like in an actual store)

Tuxedo_Mask2539d ago

I'm pretty sure that the developers are the ones who set the prices for their games on the PSN, not Sony.

SnakeCQC2539d ago

It's funny how all first party and second party games are all 20% more expensive than their physical counter parts

ksense2539d ago

love how u ignore the problem of game sharing and blame Sony for charging higher prices... u do know that people can download digital releases on 5 different consoles right which is basically 5 copies of the same game that 5 people got to enjoy.... they have recently changed their service agreement to make it only be 2 consoles per psn account so maybe we will start to see lower prices on digital releases.

lumley6662539d ago

its the developers that do the price, they dont wanna scank the stores as if games wer the same price, the stores wud loose allot of sales. i read a story on this a while ago

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Gamer19822539d ago

Disc swapping in this day and age is a failure. At least 360 gets around this in a way allowing you to install the disc but they still force you to put the disc in to confirm you own the game 0_o. So it still fails in that way :(. PC games have installs to get around and PS3 is on bluray. Wii has like 4 games on multiple discs and there all RPGs..

princejb1342539d ago

2 disk 3 disk 4 disk who cares, just release a great game which everyone can enjoy

TheBlackMask2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

So like L.A Noire, PS3 owners and maybe PC owners if it's released at the same time...will suffer because of the 360s stupid DVD disc format.

How is this fair, if they can do more on the PS3/PC then why cut it out and sell it to us as DLC later. They did this with L.A Noire for PS3 owners...they said themselfs or Team Bonid did that they cut content from the PS3 when they went MP, it wasn't even half way through development and they had to cut it from 6 discs to 3, and all that content that PS3 owners could of had were made to pay for it as DLC or get it as pre order bonuses.

kaveti66162539d ago

Let's take your logic one step further.

If they can do more on the PC, why limit themselves to the PS3?

Marquis_de_Sade2538d ago

Agreed kaveti, I find it most amusing how some PS3 owners will try and group themselves with the PC gamers. I'm a PS3 only owner and I'm under no illusion that the PS3 is only marginally more powerful (than the 360) at best and not in the same league as a top of the range PC.

palaeomerus2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Rockstar/2K sold about 18 million copies of GTA IV. 9 million were on the 360, 8 million where on the PS3 and an little under one million were on PC.

Do you chumps SERIOULSY think that they'll walk away from a potential 9 million sales(more than half of console sales) just to kiss Sony's butt with an exclusive? LOL.

Meanwhile LOTS of open world games fit on one DVD:

GTA IV, Just Cause 2, Prototype, Crackdown, Crackdown 2, Oblivion, Assassin's Creed/ 2/ Brotherhood, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Red Faction: Guerilla, The Saboteur, Batman: Arkham City

hadouken0072539d ago

This Guy thinks DVD is the future, its time to jump out of the DVD era, be it blu-ray or digital download or whatever . How much are we losing out with this dlc, and compression crap?

vortis2539d ago

Let's also note that GTA IV had to be cut-down and compressed (The Darkness also had to be cut-down and compressed) in order to fit on one disc.

Just Cause 2 is only 4gig, doesn't even have a quarter of the stuff you could do or see in GTA IV. Basically it's just a lot of big open areas with terrain textures and recycled buildings. Yeah, that's what we all want from GTA V, right?

Crackdown 2, Prototype and Red Faction all fit within the same context as Just Cause 2. Arkham City didn't have vehicles, Euphoria or a ton of other open-world stuff. The Saboteur was also a lot linear than GTA IV.

All in all dude, you make some horrible examples and comparisons and back it up with no facts and poor logic. Then again, you only have one bubble so I guess that makes sense.

Jamzluminati2539d ago

Thanks a lot Microgamers.

_Aarix_2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Hey CELL, good to see you buddy. CELL hows it going, CELL

bozebo2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Open world game with multiple disks :S

LA Noire didn't let most of the disk space be reserved for the environment, but I can't see how the environment wouldn't be the major cause of the game needing to be on multiple disks for GTA5 considering they are not using MotionScan. So essentially, if it isn't on 2 or 3, maybe even 4 disks on 360 - then the DVD limitation has broken yet another game that could have been amazing.

But how can an open world game be stored on multiple disks if the entire environment won't fit on one disk?

Maybe there is an extremely low poly and low res texture world on the main disk and the other disk installs 10GB worth of data for 360 users, sort of like what BF3 did.

TheXgamerLive2539d ago

using similar compression techniques as they did in skyrim and not having to use the facial animation code as in la noire, simply put GTA V will use 1 dvd. 1. It's an open world game w/o stop and swap disc.

disc swapping would force it to be more like Rage, "unless" in game you let's say fly to another area on a map, then they could have that content on disc 2 b/c it wouldnt be a simply drive to go back to where you were. So, probably 1 dvd and maybe 2.

farhad2k82539d ago

I just hope the PS3 version isn't hacked down in any way because of MICROSOFTS FAILED ATTEMPT AT A CONSOLE.
Why should we PS3 owners suffer, for their lack of hardware.
The XBOX 360 is a horrible console in every aspect, look how well games come out when they arn't ported over to the PS3.. Uncharted vs CoD, Killzone vs BF3. If they were actually designated to the PS3, they would come out the same. But due to the 360's SHIT hardware, we have to suffer. Developers piss me off.

Laxman2539d ago

You post a lot of terrible fanboy comments, but this one takes the cake. You have absolutely no knowledge of the games industry.

Megaton2539d ago

While yes, in the past Rockstar has claimed that Microsoft needs to figure out some solution to storage limitations that plagued GTAIV if they want GTAV on their platform, I've got no doubt they're gonna release it on the 360. Just hope it comes on multiple discs so they don't have to cut tons of content.

supremacy2538d ago

The game obviously has to come to the 360.

If this game became a ps3 exclusive or a timed exclusive it could have a dire impact on the 360. This game is one of those game changers in the industry, MS I am sure has something figured out.

AliTheBrit4202539d ago

hahahaha yeah thats likely

"hey guys, I know we enjoy selling copies, but here's an idea

Lets, Intentionally block out MILLIONS of day one sales and tens of millions following in the coming years"

"WHY? WHY you say? because sony [email protected] thats why, obviously"

dcortz20272539d ago

I'm laughing at all the Xbox idiots who said that Blu-Ray wasn't needed and that it was going to fail, what now b*tches!

HATE5062539d ago

LMAO, look at all the damage control from all these M$ Corporate C*ck Suckers

showtimefolks2539d ago

I think gta4 will be on one disk for single player and other for MP. And people act like changing a disk is so hard I mean even if it's on 3 disks that 1disk eve 3hrs

2pacalypsenow2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

It sucks to do it on BF3 And its GTA 5 not 4

SkylineR2538d ago

Of course it'll come to Xbox 360. Why would Rockstar make it PS3 time-exclusive when it's sold more on Xbox? No, sorry. :p

Also, the article is retarded. LA Noire was on 3 discs because of the facial animation recordings, and not because of the map size. Talk about not knowing what you're talking about.
Personally I do predict a multi-disc scenario for the 360 version, but not anything over 3 discs.

Legion2538d ago

THC CELL hasn't a clue!

The disk won't be more then 2 disks. The article is assuming 3 or more disks only due to comparison with LA Noire which he shouldn't as GTA V will not have anything code wise related to LA Noire.

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Dante1122540d ago

I seriously hope it won't be more than three discs.

C0MPUT3R2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

I hope its on 6 DVD discs so we get a full Blu-ray disc worth of content.

Voxelman2539d ago

Maybe they should give Bethesda a call...

Paradicia2539d ago

Yeah :L 3.8gb of an install size on the 360 version. Compression gods!

At the most I can see them using 2 discs, which isn't too steep. The reason L.A Noire took up so much space was because of the facial mo-cap. The city itself was essentially empty with no real interaction bar side missions and main missions.

AliTheBrit4202539d ago

Other way around, hell the snowy parts of Red Dead Redemption look better than Skyrim, plus you can bet Skyrim will end up with boat loads of draw distance and popping in issues on the consoles.