Playstation 3D Display Arrives in November, Read the FAQ

Sid Shuman, Senior Social Media Specialist, writes:

"When PlayStation unveiled the 3D Display at this year’s E3, it provoked excitement among PS3 owners as well as many, many questions. We can now put one of those questions to bed: You’ll be able to pick up the 3D Display when it’s widely available this November 13th."

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Redempteur3574d ago

i kinda want it ..i already have a 1080 monitor .. i might just get this one for some dual screen & 3d gaming ..

Mrmagnumman3573574d ago

Get the vizio E3D320VX, it is only 500$ and it is 1080p, 120HZ refresh rate, and 32"

Also im building a gaming computer and im gonna use it for nvidia 3d vision, and i have had it for a while, and the 3d is excellent

--Onilink--3574d ago

funny how people disagree with you for no aparent reason other than the TV not being a Sony product....

Anyway, the TV looks nice but at just 24" im definetely skipping it. Ill wait for at least a 32" version to show up and prices to drop a bit before thinking about it

GrandTheftZamboni3574d ago


I think people are disagreeing because that comparison doesn't make sense: you can play full screen co-op on PS display while on Vizio you cannot.

--Onilink--3574d ago

well i didnt check the link he posted, which now i see is not the TV that i thought he was talking about. The thing is Vizio is making a TV that also uses Dualview technology and they will probably have bigger screens, not sure the price though

GrandTheftZamboni3573d ago

Cool. Good to know this technology is being adopted. I'm not planning to buy a new TV any time soon, but I hope my next one will have that.

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HebrewHammer3574d ago

Foolish to launch this post-Uncharted 3. Big mistake

testerg353574d ago

How does the the dual display work?

--Onilink--3574d ago

both players wear glasses, each one sees a diferent image. I guess the game must also support the feature so who knows how much support this will get.

HebrewHammer3574d ago

But if you do Dual Display, each player sees a 2D image.

testerg353573d ago

Yeah.. and that means that if a single player game is 720p, then how can a game handle 2 720p outputs? I mean considering the PS3 and 360 can barely handle a single player 720p game.

--Onilink--3573d ago


its no diferent than every splitscreen MP game, the graphics are always downgraded. Just because the screen is not split doesnt mean the game will run like the single player. The feature is more for confort than anything else

testerg353573d ago

Onlink, it will look ugly no? I mean a split screen is say 360p being stretched to 720p?

--Onilink--3572d ago

i guess thats why they are sticking to just a 24 inch monitor, it would probably look ugly on bigger screens but on a 24 i doubt it, probably the same as it looks normally on MP but bigger

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PROJECTbadass3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Resistance 3 was terrible in 3d. I havent played motorstorm, so i cant judge that game. Gt5 imo is the best 3d on ps3. Batman arkham city is amazing in 3d and I'm sure uncharted will be as well. I just think there are better games to showcase 3d other than resistance.