The PlayStation 3 Was a Miracle Born from Misfortune

The Sony PlayStation brand is 25 years old now, and this author reflects on the terrific legacy and breadth of experiences made possibly PlayStation 3.

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FallenAngel19841204d ago

PS3 became my favorite console of the 7th gen

1203d ago
Profchaos1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I started the 7th gen by buying a 360 given it was way more affordable but the constant advertisements popping up on the dashboard made the experience fell less like a console and more like targeted advertising and we'll cheap not to mention I ended up buying 3 of those consoles because of the rrod.

I switched over to the PS3 near the end of the generation when Devs just got the hang of the complexity of the cell processor and although the third party games were weaker most of the time the first party games always felt like they somehow evolved beyond what was possible.

Ms hadn't given me any reason to stick around as the last good exclusive they made that gen was mass effect and gears 1/2 they shifted focus to trying to capture the casual market and when they launched the Kinect they really dropped the ball for hardcore gamers and only tried to get that Wii money.

While ms was playing the were family friendly and here for everyone game Sony was like here's tlou, uncharted, gow, infamous, LBP, beyond two souls, heavy rain etc

darthv721203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

I really liked PS3 even though it was my 2nd favorite of that gen. This popped up in my YT feed today so it seems rather coincidental to read this piece today as well.