The Enduring Legacy of PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 secured its esteem as a console but its legacy is greater than a packed library and 80+ million consoles sold.

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darthv72772d ago

Great platform with so many titles left at its footsteps. I'd love for PS5 to offer PS3 support in the meantime, I just picked up the Metal Gear limited edition system and still need to track down an original 20gb system. I'd love to add one of those silver models as well.

PrimeVinister772d ago

One of the best line-ups of any console.
And building a physical library is really cheap right now.

Knushwood Butt771d ago

I had a 20 Gig but sold it over 10 years ago. You should have PMd me!

Knightofelemia772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

Next to the PS1, PS2 the PS3 is my favorite Playstation console my PS3 is 11yrs old and still runs like a tank. I applaud Sony for taking the chance adding blu ray to the PS3 now games on blu ray disc are the norm. One thing I loved about the PS3 no disc swapping unless you have a backwards compatible PS3. Only PS3 I hate is the super slim it looks cheap and has a cheap feeling to it and the sliding top is plain ugly. I will hate the day when Sony pulls the plug on the PS3 and there will be no more online access. I really wish Sony had it where the PS5 could play PS3 games even other Playstations like PS1 and PS2. The library for the PS3 is great I am still collecting games for the machine and I will also still collect games for the PS4 as well.

darthv72772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

The super slims are okay. They look better upright. I have all 4 colors with the corresponding stands. I retired my bc fatty in favor of a slim that I swapped out the mechanical drive with an ssd. It doesnt make too much of a difference but I can see somewhat of a difference in boot up and loading.

Knightofelemia772d ago (Edited 772d ago )

I would love a fat bc PS3 but they are to expensive on Ebay or half of them are broken and to far gone to be saved. I had a fat 40 gig but when Sony announced the PS3 slim I traded in my fat 40 gig off warranty for the slim model. That is the slim PS3 I love easier to work on as well I do miss my fat 40 but I have a feeling it would have had the YLOD due to poor air circulation. And I have seen mods of people drilling air holes into the either the top shell or bottom of the shell of the fat PS3 to me I don't like it. There are people who might do that to help out their PS3 but I like my system looking stock. I upgraded the HDD in my PS4 to 1tb so I just stuck the standard 500gig into my PS3 which was 160 gig at the time and she likes it. The super slim is not for me like that red and black dummied down version of the Wii Nintendo went really cheap on. If I came across a super slim that worked and was cheap in price I might grab it to collect but I like the first PS3 slim.

PrimeVinister772d ago

I have an SSD in a non-BC fatty. I think it does more of reducing noise than loading times. Still worth doing.

And the build quality of super slims is what puts me off.

plmkoh771d ago (Edited 771d ago )

Still got my launch 60gb PS3 phat with the original box. I will be keeping it forever.

A true masterpiece console. Many people don't know it has the 6 slot card reader, 4 front USB, semi-transparent gloss finish and true analogue output for lag free retro TV gaming.

PrimeVinister771d ago

I did not know about the analogue output. Unreal.

plmkoh771d ago

Yes you can plug in the legacy PS2 RCA/Component cables to your analogue TV. So you can play all PS1/PS2/Retro PSN games on CRT tvs in correct 4:3 aspect ratio and no lag for a genuine experience.

PrimeVinister771d ago

Of course!! How did I overlook that :0
I am certain I have the PS2 AV cable somewhere, thanks man

Knushwood Butt771d ago

Been playing my white slim exclusively recently.

White slim, hope that doesn't offend anyone.

Anyway, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and Raiden IV Overkill FTW!!

Ezio2048771d ago

It is still my favourite console to date. The best games library.

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