Nintendo Wii 13th Anniversary - Why I Bought A Wii And Not A PS3

13 years ago the Nintendo Wii launched, so we're discussing our favourite memories of the console.

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darthv721216d ago

I like the wii, it has lots fun games that often get overlooked because of the amount of simple (aka shovelware) titles that were released. I think that was Nintendo's plan. To make it as approachable to any developer as well as consumer. Nintendo took a queue from Sony and the PS1. Making a system approachable means there will be something for everyone.

Rail shooters seemed like a perfect fit for the Wii. Sadly Sega missed a big opportunity by not having Virtua Cop trilogy on there but I'm glad they did have some of their other arcade hits. House of the Dead, Ghost Squad, LA Machine Guns... all fun games.

The_Sage1215d ago

Great story. I thought the PS3 was a no brainer as it is backward compatible with the huge library of PS2 and PlayStation, but I understand your decision, and literally laughed out loud at the story. Well done.

FallenAngel19841213d ago

I camped out of a Wii and was excited for it

My dad bought me a PS3 a month after it came out and it ended up being my more used system