NBA 2K12 video game is mostly ‘Greatest’

The last version of the game NBA 2K11 was already a pretty solid game but 2K Games went even further with improvements and added new elements to the game. The two things that standout are the additions to the post-player moves and position. Everyone loves being a point guard and doing tricky dribble-drive offense but for those who like a good ‘big man’ game then 2K has heard your prayers.

The other unique addition to NBA 2K12 is the 15 ‘NBA Greatest’ games. 2K went back into the time machine and dug up 15 classic NBA matches dating back to historic players like Jerry West to modern icons like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. There’s even multiple covers of the box to support your favorite player. The attention to detail of the ‘greatest’ mode is so insane – the games have a retro look to them, players retain that ‘old school’ feeling about them and the announcers of the game do an excellent job of bridging the two worlds during gameplay. We’ve had a blast playing through some of the ‘Greatest’ matches thus far and have included a video gameplay from Larry Bird’s Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks (1985-1986) match.

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stickskills2924d ago

Game is severely overrated.

deserteaglexix2924d ago

Not trying to troll, but what basketball sim beats it?