Top Five Sports Game Franchises of All Time

With most of the professional athletes taking intermission, or in recess, or whatever it’s called. Summer vacation! That’s it. With most athletes on summer vacation, and with the Olympics over, there isn’t enough exciting sports action to keep us fans entertained. Yeah, it’s baseball season, and this will probably come off as very un-American, but I think baseball is dreadfully boring. It’s hard for me to stay awake when a vast majority of the players are either standing around the field, picking their noses waiting for the ball to be hit towards them, or are sitting on the bench waiting for their turn to swing (batter, batter). And growing up on the north side of Chicago, one could describe my relationship with baseball as a constant dose of depression. But fortunately, us gamers can turn to our games to fill that void in our hearts that only sports can fill. That, or go outside and actually play some sports, but we all know that’s not fucking likely. So let’s look at the top sport...

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DC19803812d ago

My Top 5

5)MLB The Show

4)NBA 2K



1)NFL 2K