Top Five Sports Game Franchises of All Time

With most of the professional athletes taking intermission, or in recess, or whatever it’s called. Summer vacation! That’s it. With most athletes on summer vacation, and with the Olympics over, there isn’t enough exciting sports action to keep us fans entertained. Yeah, it’s baseball season, and this will probably come off as very un-American, but I think baseball is dreadfully boring. It’s hard for me to stay awake when a vast majority of the players are either standing around the field, picking their noses waiting for the ball to be hit towards them, or are sitting on the bench waiting for their turn to swing (batter, batter). And growing up on the north side of Chicago, one could describe my relationship with baseball as a constant dose of depression. But fortunately, us gamers can turn to our games to fill that void in our hearts that only sports can fill. That, or go outside and actually play some sports, but we all know that’s not fucking likely. So let’s look at the top sport...

DC19804338d ago

My Top 5

5)MLB The Show

4)NBA 2K



1)NFL 2K


Is 2K Games actually making FIFA 25, the next “best” entry yet?

FIFA president Gianni Infantino teases the future of FIFA games in a brand-new interview, and NBA 2K24 studio 2K Games might be behind it.

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Cacabunga50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I truly hope so.. day one buy

Ninver50d ago

Time for a change. Football games haven't evolved much.

Cacabunga50d ago

It’s tough when there is no competition

Abear2149d ago

There’s PES and now we’ll have FC25 and FIFA so yes, but it is no longer true, shit is about to get real!

Now if we only had two viable options for Basketball and American football we’d be on to something.

MrNinosan49d ago

PES didn't exist since 2020, and the rebranded eFootball is crap.

porkChop49d ago

If what we've heard is true, the reason FIFA games don't change is literally because of FIFA itself rejecting nearly every pitch for new features and mechanics.

anast50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

The barber shop and roulette wheel are going to be awesome.

Abear2149d ago

Pay to win is the new free to play

CrimsonWing6949d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It’ll be monetized to all hell, regardless

StormSnooper49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Hmmm, let’s see how they do. If they riddle it with microtransactions, hell no. Otherwise, I’m excited.

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knight6265150d ago

Only game iam waiting for is for mafia 2 nothing else intrest me well only Metal gear solid peace walkers but ill get that soon

Conloles5150d ago

Mafia 2 lol all 2K get money from is GTA style games and Nba 2K.

MightyMark4275150d ago

The only game I'm waiting for is Mafia II

killyourfm5150d ago

O_O - Not interested in XCOM?

Syaz15150d ago

nice. waiting to see what mafia 2 and spec ops the line has too offer. not into rts games, so civ 5 not for me, and not too familiar with x-com series.

AliTheBrit195150d ago

I think 2K are probably the best Publisher.