FIFA forgoing $150 million annually to pursue delusions of grandeur

Soccer federation splits with EA Sports over money, promises a rival game that will ‘remain the best’

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Hofstaderman271d ago

It's a pity Konami is no longer making games. Imagine Fifa license with PES mechanics.

kikicub271d ago

PES is not what is used to be, the game play is atrocious nowadays. I miss it!

Hofstaderman271d ago

I was referring to the Ps1 and PS2 days

EvertonFC271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

It's always been the best gameplay and still is after the last update

glennhkboy271d ago

"Imagine Fifa license with PES mechanics." No i can't imagine that ever happen. Even FIFA doesn't think the licence fee is profitable for them, Konami would not be able to pay that licence up front.

EvertonFC271d ago

Sony or MS could and make efootball exclusive ?

--Onilink--271d ago

Well, its still hard to tell what exactly the Fifa license was bringing to the table for the games directly because players, teams and stadiums were negotiated with either the teams directly or FifPro (completely separate entity than FIFA).

The most I can see it might be a problem, though I would imagine they would have mentioned it by now if it were the case, its National Teams. But since they havent said anything about it, I guess that is licensed through each countrie’s football federation

So PES would probably be the exact same game even if they has the FIFA license haha

Rynxie271d ago

FIFA just owns the FIFA name, FIFA world cup, and the fifa club world (or something like that?). They don't own anything else, players, stadiums, etc. licenses can be gotten outside of FIFA.

moomoo319270d ago

As of now they are only losing the name on the box and world cup content every 4 years. Seems like a pretty good deal to save a billion dollars 😂

S2Killinit271d ago (Edited 271d ago )

FIFA doesnt have license to the teams, only to world cup and club world cup.

Not to mention Fifa as an organization, is one corrupt entity. I wouldnt want Konami getting tangled up with Fifa.

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Profchaos271d ago

Those statements from FIFA wow they are delusional just slapping a brand name Ina box doesn't make it the best game but that's what they believe

porkChop271d ago

“I can assure you that the only authentic, real game that has the FIFA name will be the best one available for gamers and football fans.

“The constant is the FIFA name and it will remain forever and remain the best.”

Holy shit, imagine being that full of yourself. Tell me, FIFA. Where are you going to find a dev that can make a better, more authentic football game than EA? The only other company capable of making football games is Konami, and they haven't made a good one in ages. You screwed yourself with your greed and ego.

S2Killinit271d ago

FIFA and UEFA are one corrupt organization.

Rynxie271d ago

2k sports.

You know, the company that destroyed EA in every sports category? The company responsible for publishers to start buying exclusive rights to sports games, so that they don't get destroyed by them? I miss my nfk2k, mlb 2k, nhl 2k

porkChop270d ago

2K doesn't make football games though, only a football management game on mobile. They'd have to start from scratch. There's no guarantee they could make a good, competitive game.

BrainSyphoned270d ago

2K Sports, the place you turn to if you want slot machines in your video games.

franwex271d ago

What’s up with the obtuse coke references?

Spartacus10271d ago

I bet FIFA wanted a cut of the gambling money from FUT mode but EA wanted to carry on with a flat fee for the license regardless of how much they made from the game.
I dont doubt that another developer could potentially make a better football game than EA, but I doubt they'd be shameless enough to have a pay to win mode like FUT. Activision maybe, if they set up a studio for it. But otherwise FIFA isnt going to get any more for their license than they were getting from EA. Wont be surprised if they become best buddies again in a year or two.

SenorFartCushion271d ago

Definitely. This is about EA retaining all of their gambling profits.

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