FIFA’s New Game Decisions Make EA Games Looks Better

Gamerterra writes: "FIFA recently announced its first four games after its long-term partnership with EA ended, and these new games make EA games look really consumer friendly. All four ‘games’ are blockchain projects built with Web 3.0 for the 2022 World Cup."

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ApocalypseShadow552d ago

That's like saying Mephistopheles is nicer than Satan.

anast552d ago

This is funny, even EA thought FIFIA's blockchain proposal was too much.


PlayStation Had The Chance To Steal FIFA From EA In The '90s, But Passed

"I think EA would have responded quite badly to that"

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franwex220d ago

If there’s an organization that is more corrupt than EA, it’s for sure FIFA.

I also agree that EA has done more for FIFA on brand awareness too. I know of people that thought FIFA was an EA brand similar to Madden instead of their own independent organization.

Profchaos220d ago

Probably a good call on Sony's part given the relationship they needed to build with ea over time and given the era if EA didn't want something they found ways around it such as building their own unlicensed games and bypassing console copyright protection on 16 bit systems to avoid paying licensing

XiNatsuDragnel220d ago

Fifa with playstation I would've preferred that over EA now tbh.

Seraphim220d ago

guess you don't remember how bad those Sony sports titles were in the 90s. The only exception would be NBA Shootout '97 which was phenomenal.

shinoff2183220d ago

Idk what that means. Nfl GameDay was fun as fk.

FinalFantasyFanatic220d ago

I never liked sports games personally, except for ESPN Extreme Games, that was fun for me back in the day.

gold_drake220d ago

the Fifa people are some of the scummiest people there is, even outside of the gaming industry.

good on that sony ceo for actually talking to EA first and letting them know what happened.

anast220d ago

The career mode would have been way better.

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10 Companies that can get the FIFA License

While EA confirmed that its football title will lose FIFA Licensing starting next year, there are ten companies that can acquire the license.

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shinoff2183401d ago

First I don't think ms would get the nod, they wouldn't be able to get away with it being exclusives. Second it's to big of a game to just put on gamepass and call it a day. I think Konami , sega or 2k could do it justice.

Knightofelemia401d ago

Konami made or should I say farmed out a soccer game and it was a piece of broken shit.

XbladeTeddy401d ago

Konami making a football game? Just no. They dropped the ball on that one with their poor version.

EA have cemented a name for themselves with football games. Minus the crappy practises the core gameplay is unbeaten.

badboyz09401d ago

2K are the best option they also just purchased The Top Eleven Developer's in 2021.

TheColbertinator401d ago

Even if you get the license, what matters is getting the clubs and leagues that matter to fans. I'd pay good money to anyone who can get every team in the Top 5 Leagues and their stadiums to boot. EA has come close.

XbladeTeddy401d ago

"Even if you get the license, what matters is getting the clubs and leagues that matter to fans"

No, gameplay matters most. EA will do that without a license.

franwex401d ago

They could, but the price is obscene.

401d ago

FIFA Isn't Just "Four Letters On A Box," It's A Brand

Electronic Arts isn't just losing a single name, it's losing a staple of pop culture, which will certainly harm the company in the future.

SinisterMister730d ago

Yep, gotta appreciate all the memories with FIFA though. All those moments of rage, laughs, tears, joy and just pure satisfaction aren't something that all games can manage to produce. Not sure if everything's going to be the same after the rebranding. Well, of course, first it'll be the change of name, then other edits will start pouring in.

PapaBop730d ago

Hopefully it'll mean they'll actually try and make a bit more effort.. sadly they likely will be making more effort to get their new brand plastered around as many stadiums as they can while doing minor tweaks to the actual game as per usual.

leikes1730d ago

Yep; it's a brand for sure and it should've been called GREED instead of FIFA. Fifa doesn't care about football anymore, all it cares about is the profits that can be made with fifa for fifa. I sincerely think that towards consumers FIFA stands for F..ked in F..king Arse. I don't have anything against the FIFA football games, which I play very often. It's just the Firm I can't stand.If you see what they've done with World Cup recently, that says it all.
Fifa stands for corruption and greed.
One can almost compare it to any government.

peppeaccardo730d ago

I gave it a go to FIFA 22, after several years of PES, as it was free on PS Plus .. I must say I do not understand the hype. Beside being a fine tuned slot machine for those who want to throw money at EA has really little to offer.
The ball physics is laughable, defensive play is just plain ridiculous. I started a cup, I tuned the difficutly to make it challenging and I still won 6-0 or more. Let's not talk of the goal keepers.
Probably the graphics saves this mess with a second to none presentation, graphics and audio.
After that sad moment I got back to PES 2021 and just one match on that gem made me forget what a waste of space on my PS5 that FIFA game is ... UNINSTALLED !!

Rynxie730d ago

How so? FIFA only owns FIFA world cup and FIFA club world. They don't own rights to stadiums, players, leagues and so on. They would have to purchase those rights separately, and EA has already secured deals with other soccer organizations. This will hurt FIFA more than EA.