Ripten: Mass Effect Review

Via Ripten:

"Let's start with what is incredible about Mass Effect. As a child of the 80's, I was reared on The Black Hole, Blade Runner, The Last Starfighter, and Enemy Mine - a mix of cult classics and lovable garbage that tried to capture the public's imagination between Star Wars episodes 4-6."

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mesh13989d ago

they keep saying action game this will start a trend that all rpgs wil have to be turn baded from knwo on the keep staing i ur a an rpg fan this game is amust have but if ur a shooter fan wait lol its a rpg for gods sake this si what u get with these nxt gen mad that were created when these next gen console cameou they are brain lessps i dontt care about console but i knwo a great game when i see 1 mass effect goty

dhammalama3989d ago

Anyway, ME looks to be a killer app. I really like the idea of this kind of RPG. Can't wait to pick it up.

jaja14343989d ago

ok really, what the hell was that? I know it's some form of bastardized English but yesh.

Shaka2K63989d ago

Star wars rip-off.
ass effect flops hard.

ArmrdChaos3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Uncharted: The sex change of Lara Croft.

Might want to check the overall average score before showing off your true intellect...or lack thereof.

goldenzealot3989d ago

this game is going to make the ps3 fanboys cry cause they dont have it

iceice1233989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Ever since the 360 launched with PDZ and PGR3. They've got nothing.

Funny blind little lemming below. They both average in 8s..PDZ average is 80% and PGR3 average is 88%. That's as good and better than anything on the ps3. Now if pgr3 is trash by your standards you must hate every ps3 game there is. It is so fun to trap you idiot lemmings like this :)

gamesR4fun3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

got it played it still gona play it more Personally I think the story is the selling point on this title. Graphics could've been great but they obviously were to ambitious for the hardware. ME limps along at well below 30 fps for most of the game load times are insane and watching the draw ins every time you go anywheres sucks. The gameplay tries to appeal to both rpg and shooter fans but fails on both counts. The great duck and cover action is ruined by the automatic pause action and the rpg elements are superficial at best. Anyone who actually makes it far enough in this game will be able to tell you about the worlds stupidest vehicle your forced to drive around in this game for endless painful hours... Still has some inspired art and gripping story that might justify a 7/10 imo

@ the other xbot Funny someone should mention pgr3 just tried it tonight and what a joke crap graphics the tracks look more like pole racer. No wonder my dad gave it to us cant think of anyone who'd pay for it...
Fact is nothing on the 360 comes close to Motorstorm or R/fom let alone r/c tod or uncharted. Plus we just got a fix for Ac on the ps3 hows the even glitchier 360 version holding out?

dhammalama3989d ago

STFU asswipe. There are lots of great game on the PS3. Don't quote reviews you b!tch. You want to play the best games? Buy a ps3, 360, and a Wii. If you can't, get another job or just shut the fuk up .

remix3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

Mass Effect has so many conversations, side-quests, details and monotony that it can be boring, or worse, coma inducing. Casual gamers need not apply. Battles are so few and far between, that it won’t take long for you to wonder if you accidentally purchased the “My Dinner with Andre” video game that Martin Prince once played on The Simpsons.

You have to constantly check journals, talk to people, fetch more items, and talk some more before finally someone will draw a gun and cause a 23 second battle. More action does eventually follow, but it takes a good 5+ hours before you can even planet-hop and take on some real challenges.

I don’t know about you, but 5 hours just to get the ball rolling on a game is 5 hours I typically don’t have. Bioware is telling a long tale here, which is pretty good but takes its sweet time getting the plot across to any players left awake. That is the deciding factor

hahahhahahahaahahahaha if the gameplay has enought bugs, why would i wanna wait 5 hours before
quote of the day is (rolls drums)
uncharted is too hard so were taking off points.


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