IGN: Mass Effect Review

Expectations have been high for Mass Effect, the studio's first Xbox 360 release. After playing through the game more than once, IGN says with confidence that Mass Effect delivers on those expectations. The ride may get a bit bumpy at times, but it's one you don't want to miss.

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Pika-pie4903d ago

"The framerate in Mass Effect is as erratic as they come. This isn't something that happens occasionally. It happens incessantly. The game also has issues loading textures in when you enter a new environment. Flat, boring scenery gets filled in with details piece by piece for a few moments each time you load in."

How does this lead to a 9.0 for graphics. I dont understand IGN sometimes.

Anyway, this looks like an great game. Im an inch away from buying a 360 early next year. I love SciFi and I love RPGs. What more could a guy ask.

RadientFlux4903d ago

Mass Effect would have probably scored worse in the graphics department if it was in different genre other then RPG

CrashSharc4903d ago

huh... so R&C still has a shot at GOTY? whoops forgot, R&C is on the PS3. Anyways, looking foreward to playing me some Mass Effect!

Honeal2g4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

seriously ur just asking for those fanboys to attack and make this "who's system is better war" that maynot be ur intent but i hope u say wat i;m saying and yea i would agree if they gave it a 9.0 but they gave it a 9.4 also look at it this way if was deserving of a 9.4 with all those errors that just shows you how good the game actually is ...also i agree that R&C and alot of other ps3 games get over looked ...for example why hasnt anyone mention uncharted for GOTY ..i think it can do it ... hmm wat else can i say ... oo but i guess if u look at the sales of those games it kinda implies that its not all that ...although i dont see why 1 million out of the ps3 owners dont by those sick games....i guess that could all change this holiday season... and yes i own an xbox360 and yes i am defending ps3 ...rare on this site i kno...

The Brave 14903d ago

I strongly agree.If a PS3 game has slowdown it gets bombed from all sides.360 gets a game with insane slowdown and it gets a 9 or more.Its all bull$hit.The REviewer industry has failed us ,or has sold itself.

fredy4903d ago

sony your master has failed you don't be scared to admit it.

Kleptic4903d ago

watch the video review...nearly 5 minutes of the 7m 20s video is negative stuff...framerate "isn't stable to save its life"...lots of texture problems...AI is akward, and at times doesn't even "turn on" resulting in an enemy that just stands there...the combat "isn't deep"...controls are awkward and stall the combat...and numerous glithces plague the of which result in the game not recognizing your button input at times...The galaxy is not deep, and doesn't differentiate itself much in any side quests...

IGN overall score...9.4...

haha that is pretty funny...I know its a great game, and I am a sci fi RPG fan anyway...I was treating this game like a warm up for Fallout 3 next year, and was fully aware that it wouldn't come close to bethesda's offering anyway...

just paid off the pre-order yesterday...pick it up tomorrow I think...1st 360 game I have ever purchased despite not owning a 360...roommate just got a Halo edition 360, which actually isn't that bad looking person it just looks like an army cartridge box or something...still can't wait to play ME though...

Taker_1294903d ago

if this game had been Exclusive to the ps3 and it released with all the problems this review noticed this would have gotten a 7.0/10. Its amazing that reviews are willing to ignore the problems with 360 games and absolutely destroy the ps3 games for less. This is just more evidence that the gaming industry is very biased against the ps3 and its games.

DreamTension4902d ago

Oblivion was full of glitches, pop-up, texture loading and framerate problems. It's combat was simply hit, block and magic. The conversations were not nearly as well done. The story wasn't as cool.

IGN Gave it a 9.3, and lots of people agree its one of the best RPG's ever.

Mass Effect pushes the limits of what can be done in the genre or in any video game for that matter.

NewZealander4902d ago

i was going to buy mass effect but my friend bought his copy over lastnight and ive got to thank him, because i cant get past the flaws enough to actually enjoy the game

the graphics arnt anything special, the first planets trees look like poo, the framerate is shocking, the textures arnt anything special even after the finally finish loading up, im sure the story is good but the gameplay really chugs along at a pathetic pace

i like my xbox but im starting to get pissed with games that dont load textures or objests properly, its not verry next gen and even viva pinata showed pop up in the reflections of the lakes you dig, add this to gears of war mass effect and bioshock, it seems to be an issue with all the hyped 360 games

i would rather have simple but stable graphics over pretty but buggy

mass effect is over hyped, ill get it when its in the bargain bins, same as i did for KOTOR

Kleptic4902d ago

dream tension...

Oblivion was my favorite RPG since FFVII (after which I completely lost interest in the FF series...couldn't bring myself to get into one since)...

I played through the main quest on a friend's PC...then later purchased the PS3 version to get through the side quests (and did the main quest again)...while the PS3 version did get the overall best version of the game, there still were some minor graphical did not have texture pop in like the PC/360 version...had cleaner draw distances...and no where near as many framerate drops in my experience...and I was playing it on a pretty good strong PC with high detail...

but even on a PC, those issues where minor...the "glitches" i think most reviewers were talking about was mostly with quests...things like completing the dark brotherhood quest before getting into different guilds can basically trap you, in which your infamacy (sp?) can prevent you from continuing on in multiple quests that you have started...and lowering that can prove to not work...

lots of things like that could happen...the vampire problem of not being able to find certain ingredients for the cure potion depending on whether or not the main quest had been beaten...etc...were all around...but technically the game itself ran beautifully overall for such a huge game (100s of hours for everything...far bigger than ME)...

just got a call today from GameSpot earlier this evening...My preorder for ME will be in by 11:00 am eastern tomorrow...hopefully all the stuff this review mentions isn't enough to piss me off...

InMyOpinion4902d ago

Try playing it before you ask. I would give it a 10 in graphics. It's the best looking game out there. It's kinda sad it does'nt get higher scores than games like COD 4 and Uncharted. I mean play the game for yourself and compare the work that has gone into the games. Mass Effect is more of an experience, it's not like anything I've played before.

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predator4903d ago

9.6 oh yeah, mass effect FTW all the way, i have been wanting to get this game for so long, thank god it lives up to the hype.

RadientFlux4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

it's from Bioware... for me there wasn't any doubt

@mighty_douche : yes I did read the review and I wasn't surprised with the bugs and slowdown. While I consider Bioware second to none when it comes to making RPGs. Their last few RPGs have all had some minor slowdown/bug issues (KOTOR is a good example).

predator4903d ago

i know but the way sites have been reviewing lately i was worried, thank god i was wrong.

mighty_douche4903d ago

did you even read the review?

i dont understand how a game with so many issues can get such a high score. im not trying to hate on it, ive just had enough of developers releasing crap and getting us to do their QA for them, just so they can later release patch after patch in their own time.

do games even get play tested anymore?

anyway, rant over, enjoy the game guys!

CrashSharc4903d ago

BTW, it says 9.4
Not sure if they changed the score, but that's what it says now....

predator4903d ago

must of changed it, sure it said 9.6, could be my mistake as im looking at so many of mass effects reviews i could of got them mixed up

ShiftyLookingCow4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

probably confused TeamXbox score with IGN. I am sure I saw 9.4 right from the beginning. Anyways after eleven scores(5 from metacritic, 7 from here) ME is averaging at 93.5!

consolewar4902d ago

Can you say.....FVCKING OWNAGE. Where are the Sony trolls now, Oh yeah they are folding.


wind_dragon4902d ago

plz don't make me heat u.......

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ddldave4903d ago

i don't understand, i thought mass effect was suppose to be a mmorpg? so it's just a single player rpg like oblivion but sci fi?


this is the last of 180s graphics, too bad

TheMART4903d ago

aawwwwww someone is jalous there...

Keep waiting for FFXIII untill well into 2009!!!

CrashSharc4903d ago

We have Uncharted and R&C now, lag free without graphical issues... you don't...

xboxlj4903d ago

What is the deal with everyone referring to Uncharted like it is the best game ever. The game looks cheesy and boring IMO. I admit that R&C looks fun, although it's does not look like a pixar film. Mass Effect is a great game with excellent graphics. It's definitely worthy for GOY material.

Also even though it does have a few slowdowns here and there, its still much better than any ps3 game to date. I am sure that the ps3 could not handle this game.

Kleptic4903d ago

^^^^ shut up dude...

the PS3 is running UE3's flagship game at near PC levels...without slowdown and all the other issues this game seems to have...

the PS3 is perfectly capable of "handling" ME it seems...from the what it sounds like the 360 can barely run it anyway...

don't get me wrong I can't wait to play this game...but this "I am sure the PS3 can't run it" crap is retarded...I am sure you are an idiot...

socsca4902d ago

Hello Sony fangirl, have you lost your way?
WTF are you doing in the 360 section? Finished Uncharted and have nothing to do? Get ur jealous little asses outtahere! Stop trying to justify ur purchase morons by hating on the other, your (our actually) system is doing just fine... Now let those of us who actually have a legitimate reason (you know, besides finding things to b!tch/moan/flame about) for reading this review do it in peace. Bunch a [email protected] retards.

deadeyes994902d ago

this guy has been bashing the pc and 360 for months, you really need to get a life and accept your ps3 doesn't have the best games of 2007 on it. PC and 360 are both good and PC alot better cuz crisis.

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SimmoUK4903d ago

I'm surprised about the game's graphical problem's, sounds like the frameratre is pooor and it's loading textures? weird but the game has grown on me the more I have seen of it, shame it isn't polished though...

TheMART4903d ago (Edited 4903d ago )

That's just some times.

PS3 games have it all, constantly throughout the games. Thus, you should be familiair with them more then 360 owners will ever be with this game.

p.s. you have a copied comment at the Gamespot review also, therefore both reported as spam. Probably you'll do at every 90%+ review that'll be coming in these days for Mass Effect

Devr4903d ago

"PS3 games have it all, constantly throughout the games. Thus, you should be familiair with them more then 360 owners will ever be with this game. "

Yeah, kind of like R&C, Warhawk and Uncharted... Oh wait. Seriously, have you ever thought about what it would be like to just lay back, read the reviews and post something like: "That was a great review. I'm so looking forward to this game"? Why does your every post include this crap: "haha proved the ps3 bots wrong" "haha, Ps3 has such crappy multiplat games"? If you care that much about the Ps3, go buy one...

Mass Effect looks awesome though.

InMyOpinion4902d ago

When you have finished both R&C and Uncharted I'll still be playing Mass Effect. Go go blu-ray...

It's so obvious that people bashing it for it's graphics have never played it. The slowdowns happen rarely and never interrupt the gameplay in any way. It's not like Oblivion which was full of bugs. Did'nt see the reviewers complain much there...