Deus Ex: Human Revolution - ENBSeries Mod available - Better Graphics, no Gold-Filter

The ENBSeries Mod for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is available now. Not only is the gold filter removed, but the lighting has been improved, smoke effects have been tweaked.

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Letros3658d ago

Death to the "piss" filter, I remember Grid had the same thing, looks so much better without it.

saladthieves3657d ago

I loved the whole gold filter throughout the gives it a unique futuristic look.

Buuhan13657d ago

What's wrong with a game having a unique color-filter? Sure is better than the browns and grays we've been getting. Don't get me wrong, I think the gold is turned up a little too high, but I still felt it helped create an atmosphere that was different from most games.

But yeah, they definitely had it turned up too high.

REALgamer3657d ago

I agree, colour-grading can work really well in some games (eg: Killzone 3's green levels) and I think it's mostly successful in Deus Ex: HR, although a bit too over-the-top. It's a bit strange that the last level of the game suddenly reverts to normal colours.

But I guess that's the beauty of PC gaming: mods and customisation!

B_Rian893657d ago

I think it looks better with the filter

Bull5hifT3657d ago

I always thought these games needed the filters to look the way they do , that it was the way that they pushed the graphics , i loved the damn game, but no New Game+ killed it for me