The writer behind Deus Ex has joined BioWare

Mary DeMarle led narrative on modern Deus Ex games and Guardians of the Galaxy.

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F0XHOUND150d ago

Damn, some good news for Bioware/Mass Effect at last!

ClayRules2012150d ago

Nice! Love Deus Ex and absolutely loved the story on Guardians!

VersusDMC150d ago

Hopefully it's for lead writer on Mass effect. But that would mean it's way off.

Regardless...i mostly loved Guardians for the story so it's a good get from Bioware.

I wonder if Embracer group is slimming down Crystal Dynamics...

zarbor150d ago

Well Bioware has fallen so far off, its finally good to see them getting some talent where they need it most. First order of business: FIX MASS EFFECT story....immediately

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