Ranking the Deus Ex Games From Worst To Best

For such an acclaimed series, it's kind of crazy how few Deus Ex games there are. Let's get some more.

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Nittdarko574d ago

Anyone who puts Human Revolution above Deus Ex 2000 needs professional help

Yui_Suzumiya574d ago

Human Revolution is my favorite


Five Annoying Video Game Openings in Otherwise Classic Titles

Some games endure despite the average player wishing they could skip that first hour - here are five annoying video game openings in otherwise classic titles.

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Yi-Long114d ago

I liked the Red Dead 2 opening, certainly didn’t feel like a slog to me, but I enjoyed that whole game so for those who were just expecting ‘GTA but with cowboys’, that was probably not the opening they expected, and Red Dead 2 wasn’t the game they were hoping for …

First game that came to mind when I read the title, was Watch Dogs 2, because you’re expecting an open world sandbox game in sunny colorful San Francisco, and instead that opening has you crawling and sneaking around an incredibly boring office building …

PrimeVinister114d ago

Watch Dogs 2 is a decent game but not really a classic. The opening is awful though. You got that right.

I loved the RDR 2 opening hours the first time but going back to restart it is where the rub lies for me.

Yi-Long114d ago

Yeah, I agree it’s not a classic, but it was the first game I thought of where I really thought; Why would you make that design choice!? If you’re gonna do a thing like that in order to teach the player some basic sneaking controls, at least make the location a bit more interesting, like an abandoned theme park or gorgeous temple or whatever, but now the gameplay was restrictive and boring, but also the location itself.

PrimeVinister114d ago

@Yi-Long Definitely true re the worst possible choices being made for the opener of Watch Dogs 2. I did enjoy WD2 overall but that intro is baffling :-D

shammgod113d ago

Red Dead 2 opening was trash

Viljong207d ago

The og deus ex is magical. Im also very exited about mass effect legendary edition from the gp. Its next on my playlist never played mass effect game before.

IamTylerDurden1207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Never played ME? It's imo the greatest trilogy of all-time and perhaps the best setting outside maybe Fallout. Play it. Great DLC as well. In 2 & 3 at least. Skip Andromeda. Also, Human Revolution was great as well even if OG fans claim otherwise.

shinoff2183207d ago

Mass effect 1 was great. I feel they dumbed down alot on the 2nd one and seemed more action like. Mass effect 1 the citadel was an explorable city. Far as I got in Mass effect 2 it was reduced to a location list no traveling through it. I disliked it alot(the citadel) part. I also feel they went more action oriented then rpg

just_looken207d ago

It always makes me mad when you see something you have done in the first mass effect or dragon age can make something change in the 3rd because bioware make 6 games in what 8 years? that did this but today 0 games do this.

I wish we had trilogies today were we can share saves and have multiple endings/path's on all 3 because of choices from anyone of them.

Its so funny being the bad sheparad from one to 3 then the end having just you and joker ha ha yet everyone is like hey your a hero with a 90% casualty rate.

CBaoth207d ago

Fallout can't hold Mass Effect's jockstrap. The one Fallout even in the ballpark is 3, and that's only because the DLC was extremely good. When Ken Rolston was in Bethesda's employment were they good. That's about it. They're now the world's greatest copy/paste developer out there. Bioware at their pinnacle was ten times better a studio than Todd's team. Go look up the games

IamTylerDurden1206d ago

Mass Effect is my favorite, followed by 2 and 3. Yes, ME2 was dumbed down but also refined in terms of polish and accessibility. ME2 had an awesome story, great DLC, and a solid cast. Mordin in particular. It's a great game. Even 3 which was the weakest was still solid imo despite the ending. If u love ME how do u not enjoy all 3?

Fallout is not a better game though FO3 was great. In terms of setting though Fallout is Mt Rushmore. The 50's post apoc setting was brbrilliant. I still put ME setting n lore above but FO is up there with setting.

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esherwood207d ago

Man play mass effect, best games ever

Miraak82 207d ago

Xenogears is my fav sci fi rpg

closed_account206d ago

Right? There's a serious lack of classics on this list.

The original 2 Star Oceans. Rogue Galaxy...

IamTylerDurden1206d ago

Rogue Galaxy never got that critical love. Beautiful PS2 game. Was it L5?

closed_account206d ago

@IamTylerDurden1 Yep, Level5. Love their stuff. Dark Cloud 3 please...

Godmars290207d ago

Why aren't there more? A Star Trek RPG for one. Or something with non humanoid aliens?

shinoff2183207d ago

Cause for some damn reason medieval is more popular ugghhh. I'd take some sci fi sh anyway over it. I've said time and time again I hope the elden guys are working on a sci fi type game.

Godmars290207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Something non-post apocalypse or dystopian. Just world saving. Fighting bad guys while doing good and dealing with ethical/moral/psychological quandaries.

sadraiden206d ago

The reason why fantasy RPGs, and Fantasy as a genre, are more popular than Sci-Fi, is because of the low technology/high magic tropes. If all of your problems can be solved with looking up the answer on a smartphone, well, there's just lower stakes than if a character has to have a sword fight, and climb the tower, and rescue the fair princess and recite the ancient incantation to seal the evil.

Obviously you can have universe ending stakes in Sci-Fi, but that requires abstract reasoning, and an ability to RP in a way that is progressive instead of regressive. Couple that with Sci-Fi games and media generally being faster paced, and you've got a genre that attracts a very specific demographic of gamers.

just_looken207d ago

or go crazy and make a starship troopers rpg can you survive the bug fight?

The animated show was great showed what someone can do with the lore.

Fist4achin206d ago

A Starship Troopers game as a real time strategy like the command and conquer series would be awesome.

just_looken206d ago


We have that today but its a small team with a smal budget

Its not a major rts sadly but a start

jznrpg207d ago

I really hope Naughty Dog is doing a Sci-Fi game. As a lover all most things RPG I would love to see Naughty Dog quality in an RPG.

porkChop207d ago

They could do some really great stuff with sci-fi. The sense of grand adventure of Uncharted, but also with the stealth and crafting of The Last of Us. Different planets, creative alien races, collecting junk to craft repairs and upgrades for your ship and weapons, etc.