Interview: Director of Deus Ex on the Past and the Future of the Franchise

A conversation with Jean-Francois Dugas, the director of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Guardians of the Galaxy about his life and career.

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CrimsonWing69150d ago (Edited 150d ago )

Don’t give up on this series. It really is something special. I hope that Square is just waiting for technology to catch up to really deliver an immersive cyberpunk experience like many of us have been wishing for.

Magog150d ago

If you haven't played Watch Dogs Legion give it a try. Cyberpunk dystopia open world with multiple paths to complete objectives and a variety of playstyles. Also the most impressive simulated world I've ever seen with thousands of unique and playable NPCs with their own perks, backstories, rivalries, friendships, jobs and routines.

Kurt Russell149d ago

I skipped it myself assuming it was just another Ubisoft open world formulaic experience. Is that not the case?

I played Valhalla... that was very classic Ubi formular and put me off of buying any for a while.

annoyedgamer150d ago

They should cancel that other RPG and make this instead.

B_Rian89150d ago

The Deus Ex worlds are so immersive. I really hope they continue this series

TheRealTedCruz150d ago

If they kill the series because Square chose to relegate the team just to the MCU, I'll be pretty annoyed.
At least hand out the IP to outside studios. There's talented teams out there who do the immersive sim genre well.

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