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GxC writes: "Through the decades, that focus on sound never changed. Sony’s radios became very popular, their Walkmans (for us 80s children), and speakers as well. Now, today we may not think of them first as a company leading in that area anymore, but they have not lost touch. Now that Sony is a multinational conglomerate corporation, we also have video games, software, hardware, and accessories coming from them. One of their latest releases in that area, the PlayStation Wireless Stereo Headset, continues to remind us where Sony came from."

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AngelGirl162648d ago

All of those positives and he gives it a 7.5. I think it deserves an 9.5.

Blacktric2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

According to the review, the surround sound can be used with Netflix, LoveFilm and downloaded movies which is amazing if you ask me. They need to release this in Europe as soon as possible or else I'm going to get it from eBay. Can't wait anymore.

Edit: And for the people wearing glasses;

"I guess you could say I have a big(ish) head, plus I wear glasses, so wearing a headset could turn out to be an uncomfortable experience, especially after hours of use. Not for this headset. I can honestly say, this is such a refreshing change from the bluetooth headset that PlayStation had first for the PS3."

morganfell2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I have had 6 hour R3 sessions with 3D glasses and no problem at all. They work great on the PC as well. Easily a 9.5.

Blacktric2648d ago

Wow they also work fine with 3D glasses? Amazing. Thanks a lot for the info. I have to get these now...

MaxXAttaxX2648d ago

....I'm so done with numbers.

spongeboob2648d ago

"From a guy who used to not give two hoots about sound experience in gaming, I stand before you a changed man, I would highly recommend it"

7.5/10 WHAT!

Ares842648d ago

Imagine what a 10 must be like for him! :D

dc12648d ago

So true. This head set is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. I thought my 5.1 system was nice (I could only crank it up when the kids are away)....however these heads set are amazing. - the ranged and depth are impressive. Currently playing R3 and love it.

GamersRulz2648d ago

I am sure he was like:

Reviewer: Oh man, this thing Rockz, I will give it 10, Oh wait

His Friend: What ?

Reviewer: There is Playstation written here ? Is this Sony related ?

his Friend: Yes

Reviewer: OK 7.5

DarkTower8052648d ago

From what I read other places people at concerned about the build quality. I guess they aren't happy unless they were made from steel. Then they'd complain about the weight. I'll judge when I get mine, still waiting on Amazon to deliver them.

The sound quality seems to be good though, which is what really matters.

Shinuz2648d ago

If the guy doesnt give a shit about sound in gaming why give him a product like that to review?
Give it to someone who truly appreciate what sound/music does for a videogame.

ThatMiamiGuy2648d ago

You act like 2.5 points from a perfect score is bad.

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silkrevolver2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I love these things. Just got them on tuesday. Much cheaper than a full surround sound system.

RioKing2648d ago (Edited 2648d ago )

I have them too guys but they're not perfect or anything. A GREAT DEAL for my $65 bucks but regardless I'd personally give them an 8-8.5/10.

Just because the scores aren't what you want them to be, doesn't mean you should get your panties in a bunch...or accuse the reviewers of being anti-playstation(GamersRulz)

RE_L_MAYER2648d ago

I have philips 20$ headset since like 2007 because other headsets are just werent right for me i had trittons pros and i hated them with their fancy 4 speaker for each ear thing,i thought i will have to return this one as well but so far it exceeded all my expectations in terms of
1) the base is amazing and deep if you turn on virtual surround wich i think supposed to be the always on for regular bases,some deep base will go away and you will hear all other regular sounds-if you turn it off the base will be crazy and it sounds great too depends how you like it
2) headset seems too light at first but the lighter the better my old headset is light too and it sounded great-it has soft pad on top and for the ears so its really comfortable
3) people complain that the mic's bright light messes with you when you play but to me(maybe its my head)its completely out of my sight-the only thing its easy to hit when you trying to scratch your face you just forget its even there)))
4) buttons for sound and mic are a bit tricky to feel with your hand when you wearing it but after 5-6 hours i got use to them
5) speakers hug and isolate your hears really well and they are preety big so big ears can fit there too

overall its worth 100 dollar easy the only problems it has to charge when your ps3 is on or a pc and only takes couple of hours and charge will last like about 8 hours idk didnt play that long(i played for like 6 hours and it wasnt charged alot so yeah)

great design,functions are simple at the same time great quality in every way

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