You Think Deus Ex: Human Revolution Graphics Suck? Wait For ENB Mod

Deus Ex: Human Revolution utilizes DirectX 11, but not in a way CryEngine 3 oder Forstbite 2 does. Boris Vorontsov announced the ENB Extreme Graphics Mod with two videos and screenshots for comparison. Check them out with a lot of facts.

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Septic2595d ago

That's running at 3 fps so its not really practical is it unless you have super-rig.

Fishy Fingers2595d ago

That depends... What hardware is it running on here, is FRAPS being used to capture video, is the MOD finished/optimized.

I seriously doubt these graphics tweeks would make a modest game into a rig breaker.

BlackKnight2595d ago

This guy always uses fraps, and that is a huge performance hit, especially on his rig. All his GTA videos do the same thing.

rfowler302595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

i thought the graphics looked great, you could tell the textures were high resolution. how are ppl developing mods for this game, theres no kit. first theres the developers console hack and now this, how are ppl making these????? 9 fps for a mod is pretty damn bad, he either its demanding as hell or he has a bad computer, but its most likely the ladder of the two.

mistajeff2595d ago (Edited 2595d ago )

the only issue i had with the graphics were some of the animations, but it was still a great looking game overall. some of the models were a little iffy but using tessellation in the dx11 version definitely helps with that. it's interesting that there's no true HDR, though. the focus on mood and atmosphere definitely distracts from it.

still, i'm all for a graphics boosting-mod, because.. well.. why not? it'd be cool to see this game all decked out.

Shadowaste2595d ago

the game looked GREAT already on pc, on consoles...not so much!

GTRrocker2595d ago

Deus Ex HR graphics are fine. I just played the game and it is so much fun. I red boxed it, so once I take it back, I am going to just buy it. To all those that haven't played it, I'm sorry. You are missing out on a great game with a great story.

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