Concerning Multiple Game Endings: Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Ending Unsatisfactory?

Gamers Leak: I recently played and reviewed Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The review is on the site if you want to read it. I wanted to talk about the endings elsewhere other than the review, because I felt that the game was solid despite these endings. Plus I’m sure people might get a little fussy over what they feel might include spoilers. I’ll try not to include any in this editorial.

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Triggs2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

I agree with the article - the gameplay is very rich, but to choose your own ending was to me, cheap. It is so easy just to push the button and see what's behind the curtain. Reload a saved game and push a different button, and you get another slideshow. Worse is after the credits, you are dumped back to the main menu.

grifter0242607d ago

Why is getting "Dumped," Back to the main menu a bad thing?

This game isnt a sandbox game where everything is open from the start...its a progression style game.

Yeah having all your augs in the beginning would be awesome but it would take away from the game in a big way.

Ducky2607d ago

Not to mention the amount of glitches that would come with it.
Such as...

Triggs2607d ago

I see your point about open vs. progression/story dependent games - thanks. I've been playing too much open sandbox games too much recently, I forget. :-)

AKS2607d ago

The endings were among the very weakest elements of this otherwise excellent game. Very poorly handled. I think the choices you make should lead to the conclusion of your adventure. Instead, your choices during the rest of the game are inconsequential, and you just pick from four options for different cut scenes.

KwietStorm2607d ago

The one ending I saw so far was far from cheap. It was just as deep as the game itself. Aren't the choices only open to you if you save the corresponding characters anyway? That's a choice within itself.

AKS2607d ago

I had all 4 options available during a single playthrough.

KwietStorm2607d ago

Yes, so did I, but I'm saying isn't that only possible if you find/save Sarif and Taggart in the same playthrough?

AKS2607d ago

I talked to both of them. I had all 4 options available at the end in one playthrough.