PS3 Review - Deus Ex: Human Revolution ( "The burden of choice can be an overwhelming thing. That’s a sentiment that courses through the augmented bloodstream of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Do I play like Batman, prowling rooftops, pummelling my enemies into submission but refusing to kill? Do I go with the ninja approach, creeping through vents, hacking security consoles and stealthily slipping through the fray unseen by cameras and guards alike? Or should I murder everyone who looks at me crooked, punch through walls, break into homes, steal everything not nailed down, then throw the refrigerator through the TV for good measure?"

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gw4k3105d ago Ummm, that's my favorite site.
No, not really. Never heard of it. Where do these sites keep coming from?

Linko643104d ago

I ont get your issue, if you want 'bigger sites' then type their names into google and go have fun i guess

AKS3104d ago

Do you feel like the big name websites like IGN and GameSpot are doing such a great job that smaller name websites don't deserve anyone's attention. If so, you have a much higher opinion of corporate video games journalism than I do.