D+PAD Feature: The Home Of The Future?

D+PAD Magazine writes:

We were intrigued to hear that another revamp for the PlayStation 3’s much maligned social hub has been announced. Whatever your opinion of Sony’s great social experiment, it is difficult not admire how the company has stood by a project that has suffered a hail (nay, torrent!) of criticism from the very moment of its difficult birth. Whether or not such faith will eventually be rewarded – and public perception shifted to such a degree that Home will be labelled a success, rather than a misguided experiment – has yet to be seen, but Sony are clearly listening to the criticisms levied at it, and taking steps to hone the experience into something that appeals to a wider audience. So what lies around the corner for PlayStation Home?

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BrightFalls762637d ago

I don't think it will be that much different to be honest. Back at the time I sang the praises of Home thinking that as it developed it would turn into a really amazing hub for all PS3 users. The integration has been terrible, there is really little to do expect buy stuff or wait in a que for a mini-game. I'm interested to see what they unveil but after a month I have a feeling it will be more of the same, just packaged differently.