Shadow of the Colossus: PS2 vs. PS3 vs. PC Emulation -- Graphic Comparison

See how Shadow of the Colossus HD stands against the PS2 and PC emulatated version of the game. The result is impressive.

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Peaceful_Jelly2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

the game's not even 1080p and it doesn't even run at 60fps either? On top of that the emulator version looks and run better... The hell is going on?

RedDead2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Money Money Money

But the Ps3 version has by far the sharpest textures

Edit: which pic is which?/

bruddahmanmatt2836d ago

Some better pictures would help.

evrfighter2836d ago

i'm not seeing the emulated pic =\

Ranshak2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Well what people are failing to see here is emulations grants you access to almost every PS2 game.

If someone already has PS2 games and doenst have a PS2 or a PS3 Fat, they dont need to keep rebuying remakes of the same old games. They can instead just emulate them on a PC and play the games Via a DS3.

Also its not like Sony will be releasing a remake of every PS2 game out there. Also we dont know if these remakes will remain compatible with the PS4, we know PC emulation surely will keep working for a very very long time. If these remakes dont run on a PS4 then it may be the case of having to buy them again just so we can play them on a PS4. Dunno about you guys buy i would rather prefer a copy i know i can play for a very very long time without some company having the decision to take away BC from me, open platform ftw.

reynod2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Lol PS3 fans are in full damage control mode, they know what they are paying for can be achieved on PC for free.

At this point only the rabid of these fans will disagree, anyone with comon sense will see there isnt a point to pay for something where you dont even know if it will work on the PS4 or later on PS5.

PC running not only these emulations but every other console aside PS3 and Xbox 360 is a feat itself.

Edit: just yesterday when Batman AC was being compared PC vs console, the same PS3 fans said graphics dont make a game. So why are they complaining about minor graphics differences now(even if supposedly PS3 is better?), For one version they have to pay to get a HD remake the other is free of cost. I think it is obvious the decision is in the PCs favor.

Lol spam mindless disagree much:) i know the truth hurts :P

Silly gameAr2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )


I'll gladly pay for this collection and any other collection that catches my fancy. You keep make believing that that people will magically ditch the platform they chose to play on overnight for emulated games.

Those PS3 fans that are in a rage in your head must drive you crazy sir. It's starting to show in your comments.

MaxXAttaxX2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Plus trophies.

@ Haters:
Everything looks worse when you look at it up close on your PC monitor.
Hardly any noticeable difference with emulation when playing on TV from a normal distance.

@ Ranshak
You guys are not seeing this from an actual fan's point of view.
For example. A lot of people that bought the GOW collection already had the original PS2 games + PS2 system(and/or BC PS3). I know I did.
This is a PS3 article. You have no business here.

These are two amazing games I'd rather not pirate.

Ranshak2836d ago


Lol who is supporting piracy here? Emulation should only be done if you actually own a license to the game. You should read afew posts down, i dont see anywhere Reynod supporting piracy.

So now its upto you to decide where people go on the internet lol.

Its cool man you may yet be buying it again on the PS4, PS5 and so on who knows Sony might want to milk another few rounds.

Keep supporting the remakes guys it only goes against the cause of getting any BC on the next box.

NeutralGamer2835d ago

Alot of fanboy is just trying to criticize

"They can instead just emulate them on a PC and play the games Via a DS3. "

"Lol PS3 fans are in full damage control mode, they know what they are paying for can be achieved on PC for free."

Seriously you are both forgetting the fact that you need a i5 or i7 to run this in the so called "1080p @ 60 fps".

Of course according to them ALL PC's have an i7 2600k /s

Substance1012835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )


You dont really need a top of the line PC to emulate a PS2 game. A fast dual core from 2006 is more then enough.

I agree not many have a I7 2600k, its an overkill for games.

MagicAccent2835d ago

Wait a second.. There is a ps2 emulator which can read ps2 original discs?

Someone, fill me in!

Ducky2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

^ I played a few of my PS2 games on an emulator a while ago. It seems to work... not sure if it works for all games.
I still didn't find it that enjoyable (mostly cause I don't have a controller) but it works for nostalgia purposes.

I'd still prefer the PS3 version though. It's one of the few games I don't have a problem buying twice.

Also, I'd rather not get into this, but some of you guys are seriously misinformed about PCs.

Rush2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

PCSX2 Play's original PS2 games just fine, however I prefer making an ISO of my PS2 game to vastly improve load times.

And anyone who believe's PC emulation doesn't look better then a PS3 720p remake is an utter ignorant moron.

Dragon Quest 8 emulated via PC with 1200p and X4AA looks better then a lot of PS3 games in some areas.

Of course it's still let down in others like the low res textures world map.

Bull5hifT2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

I Didnt know i could play Ps2 games on Pc, Thank you i Must Learn More , so can i download the emulator and pop in my ps2 collection into the disk drive and play any where? Will it work with the 360 wired game pad or dualshock 3 wired?

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CynicalVision2836d ago

'On top of that the emulator version looks and run better'

Not exactly;

'the PS3 version has a cleaner general look'

reynod2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Read yesterdays Batman AC PC vs console thread, Most of the PS3 fans said graphics do not make a game. So why are they complaining about graphics now? The graphics differences are surely minimal at best.

Specially when one version of the game is free and for the other you need to buy the game again and dont even know if it will work with the PS4.


How am i trolling? or is logic eluding most of you?

One version does it for free, the other you need to pay for again and have no assurity for future BC. Looks quite obvious which is better. Specially when both look identical anyways. Only a deluded fanboy will disagree.

I aint complaining about graphics, read my post i mentioned both of them look identical. Who is supporting Piracty here? if you already own the game on the PS2 then i suppose you already have a licence to the game it doesnt matter how you play it though either by emulation or on the real hardware. I dont quite see the sense in buying the game again and most games may never see a HD remake to begin with.

Parapraxis2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

@reynod NOBODY is complaining.
You however are going one hell of a distance to troll.

Free, as in pirated.
what the hell is "assurity"?
Again, I don't see any PS3 fans complaining about the graphics of this remake, only a completely deluded person, such as yourself sees this.


You brought up some supposed issue about graphics that you claimed people were having, which they weren't.
I guess when somebody is so far into their own little world, such as yourself, they can't stand back and see where they were creating an issue where there was none.
Anyhow, my first point still stands.
Nobody was complaining about graphics, YOU brought it up.

Anyways, I'm done.
I don't argue with people who can't spell.
see ya.

reynod2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Great you are aware for some of us english may not be our native language :) making one mistake in a couple of paragraphs is all of a sudden considered not being able to spell lol.

I guess in that cause you probably will fail to have a conversation with more then 50% of the people around the globe. Good luck with that sorta attiude :)

I didnt bring up any grahics issues, read my first post i mentioned PC does the same thing for free :) i guess you failed to comprehend the word "identical". I didnt support piracy in anyways its common sense people should only emulate when they already own the game.

I guess i wont be holding a conversation with someone who fails understand basic english :)


Well do open your eyes and read the comments above some PS3 fans are actually saying PS3 version looks better, why are they comparing now? when things are nearly identical?

While yesterday when there were clear differences between batman PC and console, most of them say oh graphics dont matter, yet today graphics do matter and they feel the need to compare emulated versions.

Infact my reply was to cycnicalvision who says PS3 version looks better :) so arent people comparing now?

Parapraxis2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

To quote YOU directly.
"just yesterday when Batman AC was being compared PC vs console, the same PS3 fans said graphics dont make a game. So why are they complaining about minor graphics differences now"

That would be YOU bringing up graphics.
Now who here is having comprehension challenges?
Not myself pal.

Now you aren't going to blindly dismiss clear evidence are you? Next you'll tell me the glove doesn't fit.

SephirothX212836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Be quiet both of you. You're so loud that I can't hear the hd remake milking machine.

Arnon2836d ago

I lol'd.

Seriously though, I don't support remakes to games unless there's extra content involved, or hell, a complete graphical makeover.

cobblestone192836d ago

@SephirothX21: No one is forcing you to buy these collections. But to re-experience some of the best games of all time all over again, better than ever, is completely worth it to some of us.

Shadow of the Colossus is my favorite game of all time so it's completely worth it to me.

SephirothX212836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I was only kidding. I've actually never played Ico or Shadow of the Colossus which I'm embarrassed to admit so I'll be buying this collection. I'll also be buying the MGS collection because I don't have a psp and have never played Peace Walker. I'll be getting it for PS3 because it would feel strange playing MGS on 360. I'll probaly get the Res collection as well. Even though I've played both games, it will be great playing them in hd.

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cooperdnizzle2836d ago

Hahahah you're funny. The ps3 has 512 of ram, just divide in two parts thus 256 + 256. The reason developers have a problem with it is because they are used to a full 512, not 256 slit two ways. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about. On topic the emulation does not look far better. The ps3 version has the best AA and colors don't looked washed out or blurry like the pc counter part. People need to take off there fan boy classes. And faster than ftl. You are a true fan boy. You don't even know what you are talking about. So you should just keep your mouth shut. Cause you make your self look stupid.

cobblestone192836d ago

The fact that you have ANY agrees is a joke to me...

Sackthing2835d ago Show
SixShotCop2835d ago

Sackthing is a little blocking bitch because he posts 15 month old links. Loser! lmao

No i'm not talking about this link. The loser knows what i'm talking about. Right DirtySack?

STONEY42835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

"The ps3 version has the best AA"

Never knew 720p with, I'm assuming, 2x or 4x MSAA was better than 1080p and super-sampled AA.

But emulators due have issues with graphical artifacts and lighting bugs sometimes, so I'll give you that.

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firelogic2836d ago

I don't see how a PC emulating the PS2 version of the game would have better textures. Does the emulation process go in and recreate more detailed higher-res textures? No, no it doesn't.

The collection had textures redone so it's pretty ridiculous to say something upres'd on a PC looks better than a redone game in HD on the PS3.

limewax2836d ago

Thing is a lot of these remakes have not got better textures, Look at all the god of war remakes, As much as I enjoy the 2 I have so far, They only increase FPS and AA.

I cannot see any increased textures in this game at all either, Its just FPS and AA, both of which can be achieved with emulation and the AA will likely surpass the remake by a big margin depending on your setup

Chrono2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

You don't seem to know much about the capabilities of emulators, do you? PS2 and even PS1 games can be played in high definition with smoother graphics with certain video plugins and shaders. Wii and GameCube games are emulated in full HD too, and they look great. Emulators can redo textures and add anti-aliasing and filters.

cooperdnizzle2836d ago

@ Chrono. Yes emulators can up resolution and add AA and filtering. But i have never heard of anything or seen anything about increased textures. And the fact is the most emulators can do the things you mentioned but comes at a cost. I have done it with Sillent hill two, and while it looks better it has a # of other problems, such as saves, fps even though the program say 120 fps it still dips out. And cutting out during cut scenes. And this is just one game i have ran into with these problems there are many more. And yes it is not my rig. I can run crysis 2 and about 45 per second with dx11 and ultra settings just fine.

aGameDeveloper2836d ago

But...but...but...On CSI they can take three pixels and recreate a full image! Surely an emulator can redo the textures in the same way? /s

2835d ago
Ocelot5252835d ago

yes a ps2 emulator can summon remastered textures out of nothing /s

the only thing it can do is applying some filters on the textures making them pseudo-sharper and removing angle-blur

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cooperdnizzle2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

People on this site are delusional most of the time.

cooperdnizzle2836d ago

No way no how. The emulator does not look better nor run better. It just up-scales the original ps2 version. It is running the exact same game, with know revamped textures light frame rate nothing. Hahahah learn you stuff. Taking a game like this and putting it in 1080P could actually make it look worse. Being up-scaled. Go do it right now with your ps3, go upscale a game at 720P to 1080P and it will make it look worse. Learn your stuff buddy

limewax2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Just for you, FFXII just taken off my laptop, emulated at the original ps2 emulation then at 1920x1080, are you honestly going to tell me the first picture looks better? this is without enabling AA and enhanced shaders etc. and including icreased FPS

vickers5002836d ago


Post different or higher res screenshots, because those two look absolutely terrible and don't look any different.

limewax2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Figured it out now

Direct links

Arnon2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

I'm sorry but judging from your comments it honestly sounds like your parents bought you your computer. Your information is completely lacking in every aspect and doesn't touch up on anything.

"Taking a game like this and putting it in 1080P could actually make it look worse. Being up-scaled. Go do it right now with your ps3, go upscale a game at 720P to 1080P and it will make it look worse. Learn your stuff buddy"

I mean, really? You're telling me that if I make the resolution BETTER, I'm going to have a worse picture on my emulator? Are you telling me that if I smooth out the aliasing with a MUCH higher AA than the PS3 and PS2, I'm going to have a game that looks worse than the aforementioned console counterparts?

Are you an idiot?

TheIneffableBob2836d ago

Um, no, you're the one who's delusional.

The emulator has the capability of running PS2 games at a different native resolution. You can run Shadow of the Colossus at a native 1920x1080 if you wanted to. You could even add 4x MSAA or 16x anisotropic filtering. All this at 60 frames per second v-synced if your machine is fast enough.

Arnon2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Cooperdnizzle 4hr ago

"Yes i am telling you that if you take a game that is native 720p and up scale it to 1080P The picture looks worse. Go do it with mgs4 and killonze and any other ps3 game that is native to 720P and it will look worse. Why do you think that those games come out at 720 P and not 1080P. They are optimized and there fore look better at 720P/ I wish i wouldn't have ran out of bubbles so i could have posted this and school'd you. Anybody who knows anything about resolution will tell you this. Are you retarded>>> And don't write nothing back cause my point is fact. If what i am saying is wrong then all ps3 games would be at 1080P And when you force one that is not optimized for it it will make it look worse. E"

Well, there you have it folks. "Don't write nothing back" because you will be "school'd". He's obviously right. Even if Sony had the capability to make every game at 1080p, they wouldn't do it, right?

Sarcasm aside. No, you're most certainly wrong. Up-scaling a game's resolution does not make the game look worse. That's the point of the goddamn resolution upscale.

Ocelot5252835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

the pc fanboys here are misinformed but so are you

the ps3 idd just upscales ps2 games, but the pc can increase the native resolution

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jdfoster002836d ago

I thought it was upped to 1080p and 60fps? Or was that the god of war hd (from psp) .... But if you watch the comparision in HD on IGN for example it looks beautiful!!

cobblestone192836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Why do people do graphics comparisons on games that are not even out?

When you can see the game in question on you TV, then you can do these comparisons.

DigitalAnalog2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

"Lol PS3 fans are in full damage control mode, they know what they are paying for can be achieved on PC for free."

That's funny. Would you care to find me a legit site where I can download these games for free? Or better yet, even if you did have those games, can you speak for everyone that they have a PC capable of running these emulations properly?

And yet here we are having a remastering which we have a CHOICE to pay for. With great benefits for those who want to play the game that are unable to purchase these very rare copies and owning a PS2, notwithstanding. It seems you have issues with this game getting new fans and leave these games to die in the dust because you DESPISE something that can benefit new gamers or be achieved for technically for "free".

How about you tell the people who bought blu-ray players are f*cking idiots for buying the SAME movie that can be played off their DVD or VCD in their computer (or players if they had any).. for free of course.

-End statement

Tired2836d ago

FINALLY! A voice of reason...thank you!

Peaceful_Jelly2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Dude, you can run a PS2 emulator on a $90 Core i3!!! We are in 2011 not 2004 anymore! And Sony is not giving us a choice since they removed the BC from the PS3 so your only choices would be (if you consider these "choices"): buy a PS2 or buy the collection. This is a win-win situation for them not for the consumer but you're so blind with fanboyism you can’t see things clearly. You’re talking just like the 80% of the people on this site that click disagree even to facts if it's something against their precious piece of plastic.

Substance1012835d ago


Fully agree. Unfortunately most of the people on this site are subscribed to blind fanboyism. Its most specifically Sony fanboys, say anything against their system they will blindly disagree.

They dont even see how Sony is screwing them over, ah well they probably will end up buying remakes for PS3 version of games on PS4, nvm the PS2 remakes that will be ready for another round of milking. Yet they will think Sony is doing them a favor.

Istanbull2836d ago

Dudes saying they look the same... Have you even played a PS2 game on a 50" HD screen? I have compared PoP HD Trilogy and GoW Collection with the PS2 versions and the difference is MINDBLOWINGLY BIG

So instead of b!tching on the internet, go test it out yourself instead of looking at little pictures on the internet.

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GoldPS32836d ago

Why you guys arguing over a 6 year old game? It plays the same no matter what you play it on.

Kamikaze1352835d ago

Not really. If you're playing a PS2 game at 1080p running at 60fps, it'll play differently. For one, everything is clearer and you'll notice more fine detail than you could before. Also, at 60fps, the game runs a lot smoother and the controls can be less frustrating.

BlackKnight2835d ago

Framerate dips do cause controls to lag. Also, when people are shelling out money for a game they already own and love, there better be some legitimate improvements.

ATi_Elite2836d ago

It was M.I.A. at E3 and so far no news that it will be at Gamescon!! The last Guardian and Agent have just fallen off the radar!

On topic.....pretty much they all look the same to me and i took in account that the PC emulation got zoomed in thus the lower detail on the shirt.

BeastlyRig2836d ago

bearly a difference imo. but ps3 is sharper but I would take BC over remakes anyday.. but hey there is money in it.

Morpheuzpr2836d ago

What about trophy support and 3D? Can the emulator do that? Enjoy your pc's and stop trying to shove it down peoples throats.