The Last Guardian's Predecessors Belong on PS4

"It's still hard to believe The Last Guardian is finally upon us. After many years in development hell, the long-awaited Team Ico exclusive resurfaced during Sony's E3 conference in June with a targeted 2016 release date, stunning gamers worldwide. Over the course of its long gestation, the title generated considerable hype, having been first announced at E3 in 2009. In the latter years of this period, many believed the project dead. Whether or not The Last Guardian would appear at E3 each given year became something of an inside joke within the gaming community, and remained that way for a long time." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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AquarianKing2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Really looking forward to the last guardian! Hopefully I get the same feeling I had when I played shadow of the colossus a decade ago. This is the reason why I invest in a PS4 because Sony games are so diverse. Until Dawn was epic and unique. I still enjoy my PC though but Sony is definitely raising the bar when it comes to exclusive games and exclusive deals and that's all I want in a gaming machine. Keep it simple. Now bring back Crash Sony

_-EDMIX-_2148d ago

lol, Sony doesn't own the Crash IP, it would be sweet to see Naughty Dog do one though if they worked out some deal with Activision.

DigitalRaptor2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

The Last Guardian will hopefully leave me with the same kinds of feelings of each Team Ico game of past: Impressed, but depressed. Fumito combines minimalism and grandiosity in game design so incredibly well. I hope they are following his 'design by subtraction' approach again:

I just can't wait to see more areas of the game, such as the underwater scenes we saw in the original trailer. Hopefully TGS has another demo in store for us. You just know this game is going to move people to tears and subsequently add it to their GOTY nominations next year! ;)

Summons752148d ago

Really getting sick of these remasters but what kind of monster would I be if I didn't want to replay Ico and Shadow on my Ps4?

IamTylerDurden12148d ago

Why, why are u getting sick? What do remasters do to dampen your gaming experience? Don't buy them. I like remasters and i'm more excited about The Nathan Drake Collection than i thought i'd be. I can't wait.

Stringerbell2148d ago

Looking int my crystal ball I can see it now 'Team ICO's Games Deserve a 4k Remaster on the PS5.'

madcowzz2148d ago

Why stop there? 8k on the PS6 here we come!

AquarianKing2148d ago

Lets keep it going 20K on the PS7! Innovation to the highest level with Kevin Butler in the commercial lol

Aenea2148d ago

Why do people think the next gen consoles will have 4k support? I don't see it happening, first more 4k TVs need to be sold and before that happens more 4k content needs to be out there. If that doesn't happen before the PS5 comes out I doubt it will support it.

Plus I really wonder if you really want it anyways, I mean, it has to be 4 times more powerful to even be able to do so and I rather have a higher framerate and better visual effects and better gameplay than trying to achieve 4k resolution...

_-EDMIX-_2148d ago (Edited 2148d ago )

Why not? Its based on processing power but more so based on the demanding titles, titles less demanding can very much do 4K, hell did Wipeout on PS3 not do native 1080p 60fps? Consoles don't do 4K, the games running them do before the system does.

Its game dependent and technically they could just have some junk garbage low poly count game running in 4K lol

Soooo PC is not magic, consoles are merely lessor PCs....can next gen consoles have 4K? Not only yes, its very, very likely.

To state "more 4K tvs" ?? What does that have to do with PS5 and XTWO having 4K gaming? They will have it as an option when you feel like upgrading your TV...did they not have 1080p last gen for many games? Sooooo 2005 EVERYONE was rocking 1080p TVs?

Think about it bud. They could have those systems out for years and years, why not support the upcoming format? Does that even make sense to not support it even with systems fully capable of supporting it? Do you get how crazy that sounds?

So PS4 and XONE are actually 10X more powerful then their last gen counter parts.

Do you know what is 5X that of PS4? Bud 5X of PS4 is 9.2TFLOPs...

Sooooooooo 9TFLOPS can't do 4K? You sure? Mind you...that is only 5x, not something like 10x.

Why don't you see it happening for? Based on history of what they've done, I see it very much happening next gen for both Sony and MS as......why not?

The amount of TVs folks own don't really stop support for it as an option feature, I'm not really sure how it could, those settings are not done by Sony or MS, they are done by the developers that choose those settings.

"I rather have a higher framerate and better visual effects and better gameplay than trying to achieve 4k resolution"

So would the developers that clearly choose to not support the resolution, I you not see developers doing that right now as suppose to lowering quality to hit a number?

Also might add, to give an understanding of just how powerful 5X PS4 or XONE would be....

GTX 980 is 4 TFLOPS, a Titan X is 6 Tflops

Eiyuuou2148d ago

C'mon, don't be a joykill.

TWB2148d ago

Yeah, 4k wont be viable in the next generation for games at least. 2k is plausible (considering the resolution jumps between each generation. 254i on PS1, 480i/p or higher in PAL on PS2, 720p on PS3, around 900-1080p on PS4).

Either way... if there was a remaster of ICO/SotC even on the PS4, I think we could already push a 4k remaster out (but PS4 lacks the HDMI standard for 4k so it wouldnt make sense). SotC is from 2006 and even some older PC GPUs can run most (if not all) 2006 games at 4K.

Hoffmann2148d ago

Damn your avatar. Still hoping that Q might return at some time in Street Fighter V and the mysteries around him get lifted

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madcowzz2148d ago

I'd gladly play these again. If they somehow managed to make them at 1080p 60fps (with the option to play them at 30fps) I'd get this collection in a heartbeat. These are some of the finest games to grace any console and I'd shamelessly rebuy them if given the chance

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