Acting Out A Slice Of Life: Siliconera's Interview With The Voice Director Of Catherine

Siliconera writes, "Following our interview with Michelle Ruff, we got in touch with voice director, Valerie Arem, to ask about her experience directing the voices for Catherine, and how she interpreted the different characters."

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Canary3613d ago


Good God: the game isn't even out. Let gamers figure things out for themselves!

Pozzle3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

Wow, the comment section to that article is ridiculous. People don't want to support Atlus by buying the game just because there isn't a Japanese voice track option? I could understand if Catherine's English voice acting is terrible, but it isn't. Way to spit on a company that had the decency to take a risk and localize a niche game.

Refusing to buy the game won't make Atlus localize their next games with a Japanese option. It will just make them not localize them at all.