The 10 Weirdest Video Games You Can Play Today

From Xfire: "Anyone who's played video games for a couple of years has stuck around long enough to stumble across a few weird ones. Some are even quite popular, which is all the more reason why you'll wonder what made the developers think about making such a game and why people are loving it, despite its weirdness anyway. Not all weird video games are head-scratches. Some are actually quite good."

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BlackDoomAx685d ago

The stick of truth is a must have for any South Park fans. I spent a good afternoon on Goat simulator, a rare real open world. I planned to try hatoful boyfriend since it was free on Ps Plus. Disco Elysium is on my radar since the final cut came out; as soon as there is a discount, i will take it. Like movies, i like weird games too :)