What makes Catherine great?

Catherine (Atlus, 2011) celebrates its 10th anniversary this week, so what better time to revisit it and explore just what makes it such a memorable and great game?

You play as Vincent, a guy in his 30s trying to navigate a path through his relationships and into his future. On the surface of it the game seems to be about the nature of commitment versus temptation, as communicated through Katherine and Catherine.

Is that really what it's about, though? Is there more to Vincent's story than there initially seems and how does this extra depth play into Catherine's value as a videogame and a piece of social commentary?

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mastershredder118d ago

This one is easy. Inexperienced single men.

Unknown_Gamer5794117d ago

Not only is the story relatable to being a modern guy who has to decide whether to settle down, and with who, but the logic puzzle gameplay really clicks with me.

ChrisW117d ago

It sure as hell not the puzzle gaming... I mean, it's not that bad...Actually, a bit of fun... But absolutely not "great!"