The Best Games of the 2010s

The 2010s occupy a difficult time slot in the world of gaming. The games aren't new enough to be "cool" but they aren't old enough to be "retro." So basically, they're cheap. Ghetto Gamer contributor Hyp3rblue digs deep--but not too deep--into gaming's past to see what we may have just missed.

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Bobertt44d ago

Asura's Wrath was underrated and the dlc was one of the few times i actually felt like a dlc was worth the money.

SamPao44d ago

I remember, was it the dlc that basicly gave you the missing mission that without it the story made no sense? :D yeah great one
Never bought it because of that

neutralgamer199243d ago


Bro as someone who loves the game and bought the dlc capcom did it really really wrong. Without the dlc the story was basically incomplete. Dlc should add to the experience not add what was it seems cut from the original game

But we do want this game to be remastered because I feel like too many missed on this game. A re-release with all the dlc with better res and frame rate would be awesome

cbuc112543d ago

I would upvote this Ten times if i could.

Ryushaa43d ago

You mean the DLC from the time publishers were literally cuting the ending from the game and selling as DLC. I remember the Prince of Pesia reboot also did this, and they didn't even disguised the tactic, the DLC was called Epilogue (Funny fact: this reboot is available on the pc, but the DLC is console exclusive). LOL

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LucasRuinedChildhood43d ago

It's a certainly a bit strange, but I suppose we all have our own tastes. I'll let it pass because Hotline Miami is on the list. haha

NecrumOddBoy43d ago

Agreed. Of all the games that came out in that decade, this list picked the most B tier titles and some of the most just okay games. Not saying you need TLOU or BOTW on there but Skylanders?

SDuck43d ago

Everytime I see a picture of Asura's Wrath I get a moment of happiness for knowing that niche game and then the realization of why it failed with the DLC that made me hate Capcom to the point of saying I wouldn't buy a game of theirs again!

(bought DMC5 on release)

neutralgamer199243d ago

No doubt capcom were really greedy back than do you remember on disk dlc that we had to unlock by paying extra and other publishers who tried to fight used game market with their online passes

SickSinceSix43d ago

Didn't they lock the real ending behind DLC? That game's still sitting on my shelf as part of my backlog, Too bad I rarely touch my PS3 these days.

SickSinceSix42d ago


Might as well, I have two PS3s anyway

Flawlessmic43d ago

Terrible list but by god did i love hotline miami 👌👌

Outlawzz43d ago

well I agree this list is terrible. Had to click just to see how bad it was. If someone wanted to know wt the best games were this decade and stumbled upon this list they would think "wt happened to gaming in the 2010's" lol

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