Resistance screenshot function is nice, but not flawless

As AT mentioned yesterday, the new patch of Resistance: Fall of Man has hit and it includes an interesting new function: the ability to take screenshots with a USB keyboard that saves directly to the PS3's hard drive. That plus the ability to upload screenshots and replays that shipped with Halo 3 has created a market for community-based experience sharing in console games, and it's nice to see other devs trying to emulate the same effects with other games.

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kevoncox4863d ago

The box.
I find it funny that they talked about how limiting the 360 is because of dvd9 and now they are coping ideas from a limited game. What a bunh of douches. Great new for Sony fanboys...Anyone actually still playing this game? Didn't think so but if it's your cup o' tea then congrats.

riqued4863d ago

Halo 3 invented screenshoots! congratz fanboy!

BrianC62344863d ago

Didn't think so. Of course people still play Resistance Bill Gates. Get a life loser.

skitzoid4863d ago

just click ignore and be done with them.
But I must say I do find it amusing that he thinks MS or their exclusive developers cornered the screenshot option. That is a riot.

CyberSentinel4863d ago

What happened to 4D?

Blind Lemmings, Sony Fails Again.

Mr_Kuwabara4863d ago

By far the most retarded post I've seen all day. Congrats.

Premonition4863d ago

Looks like someone needs to google what 4D really means because by your definition you think its something beyond what 3D does, 4D has nothing to do with pictures popping out, so before you call anyone any name you go look in the mirror because we all know what you are, and you need to except it, not stop posting.

skitzoid4863d ago

is 3 people agreed with him.
Sad indeed.

Edwin19894863d ago

I think the comment itself was pretty funny, but that stupid little sentence under it was really lame..

so please shut up :)

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unrealgamer584863d ago

im still playing resistance. gave halo 3 away for 20 bucks

andy0014863d ago

Still playing resistance as I want to get the unlocked weapons for playing through the campaign again.

Lent my Halo 3 to a mate, as it is not worth buying in my opinion, until it is readily available preowned.

Bazookajoe_834863d ago

Fukc youre ignorant... Yes people still plays resistance, it´s a truly great game, that is in my oppinion and a cuple of million other. What the fukc does it mather if the game get screenshots? that is a question to the xbots, why are you so defencive? And to those dissing Halo3, comeon 7 million people cant be wrong. Yes i now it´s overhyped, but it´s still an amazing game. Just be fukcing happy people make updates to games, competition brings the gaming evolution.

So with those words, go fukc yourself fanboys...

WilliamRLBaker4863d ago

worst post ever....Damn the spelling is so bad....*cries cause his brain hurts*

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