Why Resistance Was So Incredible

While the studio is best known for Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet, and Clank, and Spider-Man back on the PS3 the studio broke from creating platformers and made one of the highest regarded science-fiction first-person shooters of all time. This was Resistance and it remains one of Sony's most acclaimed and dormant franchises.

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Jin_Sakai33d ago

Really wish Insomniac would bring back Resistance!

darthv7232d ago

Agreed. Until they do a new entry, I'd love to get the two portable games remade into console versions. Maybe in a nice compilation with the mainline titles.

monkey60232d ago

Burning Skies wasn't a great game.
It was only a couple of hours long and there was nothing memorable about it.

I'd love a new entry

darthv7232d ago

^monkey, hence why it should be remade into a better version.

SullysCigar33d ago

Resistance 3's campaign was gorgeous for the time - and an awesome game to boot.

monkey60232d ago

I remember being put off by it because McHale wasn't the MC but it turned out to be my favourite campaign

CBaoth32d ago

by and large though the Resistance IP featured many protagonists (4 altogether I think if you include the portables). One of the reasons I enjoyed it was not being shackled to individual story arcs. Very rare for a major franchise.

Army_of_Darkness31d ago

My favorite resistance game as well! It seriously had creepy, scary a$$ moments bro! It made me want an action horror game from insomniac!

Mr_cheese32d ago

Remember playing this through online co op with the move controller and gun attachment! What a game!

BlackIceJoe33d ago

I've said in the past I'd like to see this series return and have it take place years later, like in the present.

I'll give you an example if I'm not mistaken the last game ended in the 50s, so if it was to take place some time in the 2020s you'd have an opportunity to see how the world changed after the fall of Chimera and all the new technology that came out of that war.

Just like in our universe we all know WW2 happened, but we never experienced it, so if the next Resistance game takes place years later so too would people in that universe know a war look place against the Chimera, they just wouldn't know what it really was like.

So getting to see how that universe would respond to the Chimera reemerging would be interesting.

Imagine a little kid talking with his grandfather about the war and the kid just thinks it was just a made up bed time horror story and what was said was worse than what really took place, but now that the Chimera come back the kid will find out why years later the old timer adults were still waiting for the Chimera to return.

I think there is great potential for this series still and I really believe the best way forward for Resistance is make it have a time jump too.

So hopefully this series will return.

Dragonopolis32d ago

Great Idea. I'd play that version.

Resistance was a great game and of all the remasters.... I would play a great remastered version of resistance series as well

waverider32d ago

I was blown away when i played for the first time Resistance on the PS3. Great Game. Also liked very much an played for hundred of hours the Co-op of R2. The SP campaign of R3 is also excelent. I really hope that Sony and Insomniac annouced the Remaster of the Series and a new chapter. They got story to do that.

Jambola1232d ago

Resistance 2 was one of the first few games i played on ps3 and I loved it, would definitely finish that again :D

Chevalier32d ago

I loved all the Resistance games. But part 2 online was amazing. The Marksmen for the Spec Ops type class when it was fully upgraded was such an amazing weapon. Oh man I wish they release all the games again and let us play part 2 online again.

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The story is too old to be commented.