The Time Is Right For A Resistance Reboot

It Has Been A Generation, It's Time, No?

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darthv7284d ago

Outside of a reboot, I wouldnt mind a console version of the two portable games.

Forbidden_Darkness84d ago

That'd be great if they brought the portable games to console. I also wouldn't even mind if it was a remake, upscale or just them putting them on PS Now. I would love to replay through every game.

SQUIDY-P84d ago

Any/all of the above are welcome!

Michiel198983d ago

Those poor employees at Bluepoint will get a burnout at this rate.

SickSinceSix84d ago

I'd be happy with a remaster of the original trilogy, or even just the first one, since it's my personal favorite.

Espangerish84d ago

Completely agree. Remaster the original games then I would follow up with a Resistance 4. One of my favourite games from the PS3 era.

Would be well suited to an open world shooter.

spicelicka83d ago

Hell yes! Resistance series is one of my favourites on PS.

neutralgamer199284d ago

KZ2 warzone
Resistance 2-Eight player co-op

Best memories of online MP on ps3. To this day I don't understand the reasoning behind removing 8 player co-op from Resistance 3(that was the most played mode in resistance 2 if I am not mistaken)

Sony really needs to create its own FPS that aren't chasing the battle royal or COD trends and instead be original like they were on ps3. Mag should be built from ground up for ps5 because that game was also ahead of its time along with warhawk and especially my favorite starhawk(starhawk and Resistance 3 were the worst funded games when it came to PR before and after launch and we're truly treated as after thoughts)

Part of me wants to believe in the old sony but most of those legends have left. Uncle jack, shu demoted, Andrew house, kaz retired and even shawn left. Now I feel like we have corporate executives running playstation truly as a for profit business (I understand all business try to make a profit but shu yoshida himself once said not all exclusives are meant to turn profit but they have grow the brand and diversity) now it's all about the bottom line and it wouldn't surprise me if there are far less new IP's this generation

darthv7283d ago

MAG... that was a blast to play. If ever there was a game primed for a resurgence it should be that one.

Shiken84d ago

I wish they would revisit this IP. Resistance 2 kind of lost its way, but three was amazing and too many people slept on that entry.

waverider84d ago

They should make the trilogy remaster. The R2 mutliplayer co-op with teams of 6 was great. R1 campaign and R3 campaigh was great. The game got a cool universe, weapons and Insmoniac should bring it back. Still remember how impressed i was when i bought Resistance 1 for the Playstation 3. It looked and sounded really next gen.

darthv7283d ago

If Uncharted ND collection can get a remaster before the 4th game... why cant Resistance trilogy? And they could release it as a way to gauge interest in a 4th entry.

Lore84d ago

Insomniac’s been teasing something of the like on their Twitter every now and then for a while now

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The story is too old to be commented.