Three uncompressed Mass Effect review code screens

From "Those of you left wondering just how detrimental the compression was to the quality of our 149 exclusive Mass Effect screenshots, might be interested to check out these three raw 2MB uncompressed direct screen dumps.

Basically, these shots are the completely untouched images that the debug Xbox 360 throws out when running the Microsoft-supplied screen capture software – this is direct a screenshot as you're ever going to see."

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ngg123454868d ago

If they fix the grainyness this is a very good looking game.

SmokeyMcBear4868d ago

im gonna save these images, and when pog starts uploaded some pics of this game.. just throw these right back in his face.. actual gameplay.. wow.. just simply wow.. i saw some amazing pics of this game.. was it a lie? or cutscenes where you get to push a button? cmon now

_insane_cobra4868d ago

It's a grain filter, kind of like what Battlestar Galactica and Silent Hill games use. You will probably be able to turn it off if it bothers you much.

RudeSole Devil4868d ago

Very disappointed was expecting better. COD4 looks way better.

DG4867d ago

I dont know about single player but MP looks like ish. If it wasent for the beta and amazing gameplay I would write COD4 off in the graphics department plus it was a beta. But game play comes first. As for this game its the opposite grfx are great but ill have to play it first.

InMyOpinion4867d ago

You can switch the filter off, Bioware has said it themselves.

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wil4hire4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

And no one said peep.

Wonder if they will respond to his today.

The cinematic -conversation sequences look great, but they are way different than the game play.. clearly.

The 360 has reached the end of its graphical run. Mass Effect is proof of why no one is releasing IN GAME shots or Demo.

Find IN GAME shots with the interface and the third person view on ign, gamespot,gamepro.

You cant.

Maybe people will stop hyping the graphics now.

Marceles4868d ago

but but....this game is absolutely epic!

TheSadTruth4868d ago

hmm I'm skeptical.. these shots are worse than halo 2 imo.. so something just isn't right.. the game is right around the corner anyways, so we will find out then

SmokeyMcBear4868d ago (Edited 4868d ago )

oh good lord.. look at all the jaggies., the chair, the arms, the face.. this must be because of compression

ohhhh myyy gooddd.. look at 140-53.. that is the most hideous thing i have ever seen.. jesus.. is that what everyone was going crazy about.. this can't be... maybe those are cutscene with extreme closeups, because, damn.. that is just freaking aweful

Bonsai12144868d ago

wow. i actually thought this game looked good from what i've seen before.

140-53 is just a shame. i've seen better graphics come out of guild wars on a 64mb graphics card. i really hope there was something wrong with the rendering when they took these ss