PS Home gets v1.5 update, includes FPS and multiplayer titles | GameGuideDog

GameGuideDog speaks with Matt Harper dev and manager of the Playstation Home community about the new developments, Welcome Back details, and what's in store for PS Home users this year.

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gameguidedog3442d ago

The update looks like it was really needed. Multiplayer FPS? sounds good to me on PS Home, specially when you can get that snotty rude ass kid into a game and frag the *$&k out of him!

metsgaming3442d ago

Will vita support home does anyone know?

sinncross3442d ago

No word on that, but I think it will. Since you can sign onto the PSN via via with your current PS3 PSN account, and the idea of cross platform functionality between PS3/ PSV, it only makes sense to put Home onto PSV. I actually think that Sony may and try include Home as part of PS SUite so that Android users can use the service as well.

nitrogav3442d ago

Sinncross , think you are onto something good there . I think psn home would be awesome on Vita and android too . Hope they do both .

Close_Second3442d ago

Probably will but you'll need to buy a memory card. Damn it Sony. Vita needed built in storage. If you launch a game in home on Vita you'll need to take out the memory card and put in one with the game on it. Dumb.

You Noob3442d ago (Edited 3442d ago )

i just want MMO style game, without loading times before every map!!!!!!

is it really that hard??

ginsunuva3442d ago

I wanted home to be a social world, not a minigame collection that I have to go to 400 different spaces for...and wait in lines.

Close_Second3442d ago

I wanted more gameplay elements like sims or second life. Home is just a big virtual ad.

Solo2273442d ago

Sony bullshitted on everything they promised.. So they figure if we just keep adding mini games maybe ppl would come...

Completely forgetting the fact that we cant even use voice chat(last time I checked)

And I dont want a personal space if I cant share my content with them... Its pointless...

"hey guys look at the mini game cabinet i paid money for... Its just like the free one you gotta stand in line for in the lobby..."

Sony dropped the ball with HOME... It really coulda been special..

Redempteur3442d ago

how mny month did you check ?

voice chat is back since ages .. there are guidelines for using it but it's back for everyone.

"hey guys look at the mini game cabinet i paid money for... Its just like the free one you gotta stand in line for in the lobby..."

except it's not . the paid games are getting omre complex and most of them are offeringr rewards for players ( a perfect escuse to invit people at your personnal space)

and last time i checked sodium one, or two are NOT mini games ..

the lines have mostly disapeared .. you can now queue your games.
If there is too many people on a game but that's usually not the case since now the game selection is bigger.

JayD-1K3442d ago

I'm still surprised at how many people don't know that you can launch in regular games from HOME! It's like a huge party system. And when every body is done with the game, it takes you back to the HOME/ club house(if that's where you came from)
The group chat function is way better than the telephone option when you're talking to you club members or the group you joined!

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