Cars 2: The Video Game Review (Gameplay Today)

Julianne Phelps: "Borrowing heavily from the king of karting – Mario Kart, Cars 2 has all the weapons you would expect. The races can get pretty heated with everything from missiles to remote-controlled cars that will race ahead to hit the opponent in front of you. If you think we’re knocking Avalanche for emulating Nintendo’s hit kart franchise, you couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you want to be compared to a kart racing series, you want it to be the best and Cars 2 is about as close as kids can get on a console that doesn’t carry the Nintendo name. Not willing to be just another copycat though, Cars 2 implements some simple RPG elements that allow players to gain experience depending on how they place in competitions (missions). You’ll gain additional characters, tracks and modes as you move up the C.H.R.O.M.E. agent levels."

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ShyGuy133442d ago

A little high for a movie game IMO. Then again, the first one was moderately good.

IceAc3442d ago

There's no online mode? That kills it for me. It's not 2004 after all.

TimTebo3441d ago

Yeah, um, how about you play the game before commenting on how high the score is...considering, ya' know, it doesn't really sound as if you played it yet....

EazyC3442d ago

Hey, don't be sarcastic!

It could well be the MOVIE GOTY actually. It looks pretty fun, I might get it for the kids and sneak in a little go myself every now and then.

I heard the movie is mediocre, has that ever happened to Pixar before? I think Cars 1 didn't do too well compared to other Pixar fims either. Shame that.

GunShotEddy3441d ago

Been playing this with my kids since we picked it up Friday. Fun little game.