Four new arrivals hit Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "Today adds more value to the Xbox Backward Compatible scheme, with four new arrivals making their way to Xbox One. But whilst we’ve seen our fair share of titles arriving on the program, not all have been the triple-A blockbusters that fans have craved the return of. So, with that in mind, here’s our thoughts on the latest backwards compatibility titles and if they are worth the return."

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neil3631416d ago

Full appreciate the frequency of new BC titles, but surely I'm not the only one who doesn't ever use them? I've got tons of native XO games to play rather than going back over the old stuff.

LexHazard791416d ago

Yes correct, you're probably not the only one. I also have a ton of Xbox One games. But I also had a decent collection of games that I bought digital for Xbox 360. Thanks to BC more than a handful have arrived and hopefully more. I need Marvel vs Capcom 2 but who knows if they're ever gonna release that one.

neil3631416d ago

Do you really find yourself going back through the 360 ones though? I loved my time with that console, but can't bring myself to go back.

But then, perhaps it's me. Very rarely do I complete a game, or watch a film, more than once.

obidanshinobi1416d ago

I'm playing GTA 4 at mo BC.
Amazing game, been almost 9 years since I played it on release.
Liberty City is still probably the best city created for any game ever IMO.
Before that I re-played Bioshock and RDR, both excellent games.
Pre-ordered GR Wildlands on the XB1 and I'm tempted to get Horizon ZD when a copy appears in my local CEX.
When Crackdown goes BC I shall be playing the shit out of that too.

neil3631416d ago

Can't deny it, great games. But some great stuff on the XO indie scene too. Not enough time to play everything!

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AuToFiRE1416d ago

TL;DR - Deadrising 2 and the DLC (counting as the other games), and Cars 2.

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obidanshinobi1416d ago

Where's Crackdown futhamuckas !!! Jeez.

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