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DeFFeR3101d ago

AC:Rev for $10? Final Fantasy XIII-2 for $15? Deus Ex: HR for $10? And many many more... wow.

This is a really really awesome sale on BBs part.

Lucretia3101d ago

blah they dont have deus ex at my bestbuy -_-

guitarded773101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Order it online and they ship it to the store of your choice for free. May take a couple days.

DivineAssault 3101d ago

where did u see FF 13-2 for $15? or AC Rev for $10? i must be delirious still (long night out at the bar) O_o

DeFFeR3101d ago


The Best Buy link was a garbled mess.

Treian3101d ago

This type of deals happen on Steam most of the time....nothing new.

DeFFeR3101d ago

It's hard to buy a console game off of Steam...

Gears 3 isn't on Steam or PC, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy, Infamous, SOCOM, God of War... shall I go on?

(insert comments about PC being a better platform... yadda yadda... even though they can't play the above mentioned games...)

Treian3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

Of course exclusive games are not on there from consoles...But I am talking about multiplats and the huge amount of PC exclusives...

oli3101d ago (Edited 3101d ago )

I think steam is great, but I personally like to have a physical copy of my games. Then again there are great games only available digitally.
Why do people on steam get crazy about their sales? Most people I know that spend a ton of their money on their sales hardly put time into the games they play.

GuyThatPlaysGames3101d ago

Yea, you really can't beat that kind of a deal.

StoneyYoshi3101d ago

picked up deus ex for 7.99 on steam!! take that!!!

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INehalemEXI3101d ago

save $40 on Twisted Metal LE nice o0

aDDicteD3101d ago

some nice deals there! might get ff13-2 or assassins creed revelations

zeeshan3101d ago

If you enjoyed FF-13 then by all means, get the second part but if you didn't then that's supporting the dev that ruined the once famous and beloved franchise. I say we should vote with our wallets and tell these lazy ass devs what we really want which would be quality product and listening to fans for once.

Again, in the end, it is your choice, your money and I respect that so if you enjoyed part 1 then yeah, go for it but if you didn't and you are getting the game only because it's a good deal then I guess used market is where we can go. This ensures that these lazy devs who do not care about us don't get our money at all.

GuruStarr783101d ago

Just picked up Pilotwings resort, steel diver, metroid other m and sin and punishment 2, in-store, all for $5 each!!

Ramon3MR3101d ago

I also picked up Pilotwings Resort and Sin and Punishment 2 for $4.99!

cfountain3101d ago

I ordered AC:Revelations. Couldnt pass on it for only 10.75(free shipping but they added tax)

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The story is too old to be commented.