TimeShift Review (Game Informer)

Game Informer's Matt Bertz reviews TimeShift with Andrew Reiner giving a second opinion.

Concept: Alter time to taunt, confuse, and ultimately destroy your enemies

Graphics: The backdrop is your classic war-torn dystopian world

Sound: The terrible '80s action flick soundtrack should be replaced by your own music

Playability: Great weapons and smooth controls, but the main gun has a poorly-designed reticle

Entertainment: Using time against your foes never gets old. Neither do their explosive demises

Replay: Moderately High

Bottom Line: 7.75 (out of 10)
Second Opinion: 7.75

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Kuest4872d ago

This is what happens when you give a gamer too many options.

Too hard to please, but I agree.. NEXT!

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okay, okay. I'm a little stingy, but so what? I've earned my right to babble on, and I plan to exercise those rights to the fullest!

Unless, of course, I make a double post... then I pretty much f#cked.
Thanks alot, Jaja- now I really feel bad.

Or do I? While mulling over how wasteful a double post can be (ARRGHH!), I suddenly realized that I wouldn't have to CARE [if] I had *cough* 9 bubbles. Just imagine the freedom, the power... Uh, not that I deserve it or anything.

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jaja14344872d ago

Heaven forbid you waste one of your 8 bubbles. :)

wangdiddy824872d ago

is going to do really bad.. Lol.. with nov's line up this will get over looked..

SF49er4084872d ago

Have i seen the timeshift commercial 30 times but i only saw the halo 3 and gears of war commercial like twice. i saw the halo 3 commercial like 2 times. then nothing. timeshift is advertising like hell

FiveShot Bandit4872d ago

While i've seen the Timeshift ad quite a few times. It nowhere nears Halo 3's terrible ads that were played almost constantly, I remember several times seeing them back to back (please note I think the actual game is great) and I remember seeing Gears commercials (which were actually quite good) several times too.