10 more arrivals hit home with Xbox One Backwards Compatibility – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes "It’s been a great month so far for the backwards compatibility scheme on Xbox One, but this week may just be the busiest week of all since its introduction. 10 more Xbox 360 titles have made the generational jump and are now playable on Xbox One, so let’s take a look and see if they are worth returning to once more."

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neil3632340d ago

Is Dead Space 1 on BC? That was the best one.

XMarkstheSpot2340d ago

And its part of EA Access, hoping they put 2 and 3 in the Vault so I can replay those aswell, never beat 3 Co-Op

brich2332340d ago

Yeah, its been there since about the release of BC.

Cobra9512340d ago

Nothing I care about there. Too bad.

rando 2340d ago

xbox is killing it with backwards compatibility. but they'll STILL find a way to downvote any xbox-positive comment into oblivion. N4G is completely infested with Sony fanboys lol smh

superchiller2340d ago

While I agree with your comment about BC being a great thing, I downvoted you because of your fanboy comments about Sony. I own both the XB1 and PS4 and enjoy both of them, and really appreciate that MS has worked so hard to bring 360 games to the XB1.

rando 2340d ago

@ superchiller: my comment was about N4G not about Sony. so i'm going to give your reading comprehension a downvote.

Razzer2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Nice job turning an Xbox positive article into a whine about fanboys. You are as bad as the people you whine about, dude.

rando 2340d ago

@ Razzer: i'll just say something like "phil spencer is doing a great job" & it'll have 50 downvotes for no reason... if somebody says "Phil Spencer, more like FAIL Spencer... amirite?" it will have 50+ upvotes & top comment. if you're pro-xbox, commenting on N4G gets annoying after awhile. you already know what people's opinion is going to be. PS4 = good. / XB1 = bad. no matter what good xbox does, its never good enough for them. it got so bad to the point where i had to address it. so i did.

Many-hat52338d ago

Yep. Oblivion is on there also.

Shadow Man2340d ago

Where is my silent hill HD collection ?

Lon3wolf2340d ago

Infinite Undiscovery please, when BD and LO got done I was hoping for that soon.

VincentCastle2340d ago

same, that and resonance of fate, magna carta 2, eternal sonata, fable 1, maybe even star ocean 4.

Lon3wolf2340d ago

Indeed, we can only hope :)


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DefenderOfDoom2201d ago

Simple, do not bother with a Dead Space 3 remake. Rather have a new entry for Dead Space.

myfathersbastard201d ago

Yeah I agree. Make a dead space 3, but have an original story/setting. They’ve proven they can do the game justice, and I think they could evolve 2 in a good direction, keeping a similar tone. I’d love s Dead Space 2 and 3 though. The remake was fantastic. Top tier remake, up there with RE2.

jznrpg200d ago

Remaking 3 would need to be a reworked and somewhat changed remake as 3 was flawed in most peoples eyes and the worst entry.

Ninver200d ago

It's the worst in the series.


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