9 Video Games With Time Manipulation You Need to Play

MenStuff: "Bullet-time and the control of time in general have become a staples of action video games over the past ten years, and a lot of thanks can go to the sci-fi blockbuster, The Matrix. The art of slowing down time in order to act faster, or respond more precisely, has slipped its way into a number of our favourite games, and with Quantum Break releasing this week and embracing this to the fullest, we’re here to pay homage to these time-bending experiences."

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-Foxtrot1862d ago

Singularity man...dear god that was one of my top First person shooters last gen.

Only FPS at the time of CODs popularity which did something different

We need a sequel.

Eonjay1862d ago (Edited 1862d ago )

God of War Ascension. Very well designed and challenging puzzles that used time manipulation.

Also Final Fantasy XIII-2