Devil May Cry Series Getting HD Re-Releases

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes "This year is the 10th anniversary of the Devil May Cry series, and to commemorate the occasion, it looks like Capcom will be releasing a collection of three games, all of them remastered in high definition."

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TheCampfireSong4252d ago ShowReplies(1)
nevin14252d ago

I already have the PS2 disk( missing the girl disk from DMC2) and a BC PS3 + PS2 system.

Im set.

ZombieAssassin4252d ago

I hope DMC3 is the special edition, I wonder if Dmc2 will include the second disc too?

ThanatosDMC4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

I love DMC3:SE but I hate that they toned down the starting difficulty compared to the original DMC3 when it first came out. In the special edition you're stuck with normal mode, which was the easy mode of the original DMC3, when you play the game from the start.

Hopefully, Turbo mode is intact.

Also, it's Capcom. Watch them charge us a $5 unlock key to play something that should have been included in the game like Bloody Palace or Lucia's missions.

ZombieAssassin4252d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they make us pay to use the Devil Trigger or Turbo Mode.

I agree too I hated that they changed the difficulty but i guess it opened it up to more players so it's not all bad.

gunnerforlife4252d ago

i actually like DMC2 obv it wasn't WOW but i enjoyed it quite abit, only wen i went back 2 dmc 1 did i see whats wrong with it LOL
oh and guys whats turbo mode??? aint played DMC3 in yearsss so ive forgotten:$

ZombieAssassin4252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

It speeds up the game play makes you and enemies faster, I don't think it was available in the European release though...and it was only available for the SE edition.

I was the same way with 2, I played it first and was blown away with it then the next day my buddy goes and buys the first one and where like "wtf the first one's better".

gunnerforlife4252d ago

ahhh thats why all them videos of DMC3 on youtube looked so fast paced compared to when i played it, always wondered WTF was wrong with my version. i still got a NEW Version of DMC1 unscratched and ive played it only once, i just want to keep it their for the future just too look at it LOL

yhh but it was an OK game in its own rights just not amazing like the other 2.

DeadlyFire4252d ago

Will it outsell the new DmC. I believe so.

Rainstorm814252d ago

Price please....i am interested, id like a HD DMC 1 and 3

ABizzel14252d ago (Edited 4252d ago )

It better be $40 like every other collection. To be honest I really don't need it, but I may go ahead and get it just for the trophies.

turgore4252d ago

I hope they release all 3. It would seem incomplete if 2 was missing, but the game is short anyway so...

Rainstorm814252d ago

OH no 2 IS in the collection but i doubt id to through that game again

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